This week in esports: DHL, Scuf Gaming, Team Envy, Team Reciprocity

As always, we’ve rounded up the biggest and best stories from the past week so you can stay abreast of the industry’s biggest happenings. This week in esports saw ESL and DHL remain partners, CORSAIR acquire Scuf Gaming, Team Envy buy into FLASHPOINT, and Team Reciprocity look to become publicly listed. We also have a […]

TwitchCon Amsterdam Canceled due to Coronavirus Concerns

TwitchCon Amsterdam will not be going ahead amid fears of the spread of Covid-19. Twitch has announced they’ll be cancelling their next event, TwitchCon Amsterdam, due to the fears surrounding coronavirus. The virus continues to cause problems at sporting events and gatherings across the globe; with TwitchCon Amsterdam the latest event cancelled. “…We’ve made the […]

TSM Partners With Entity Gaming for Indian PUBG MOBILE Team

Team SoloMid (TSM) will enter the Indian esports market through a partnership with Entity Gaming. The PUBG MOBILE squad of Entity Gaming, which placed first in last year’s PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) Asia Fall and later fifth in the global finals, will henceforth play as “TSM Entity.” Financial terms between the two organizations were […]

Big card game names gather for Runeterra's first invitational

The esports scene for Legends of Runeterra has been quiet since beta’s launch, with only the occasional community cups taking place. As a result, content around the game has been reduced mostly to watching a streamer climb Master and trying to learn from them. But this weekend, one tournament organizer is putting on an initiative […]

Sprout-Manager Daniel Paulus: "Es wäre zum Konflikt mit FLASHPOINT gekommen" – CS:GO

Die deutsche Organisation Sprout ist eine feste Größe in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Seit drei Monaten spielt das neue Lineup zusammen und beginnt, mehr und mehr zu harmonieren. hat mit Team-Manager Daniel Paulus über die Entwicklung und die aktuelle Situation gesprochen. Als Grundvoraussetzung für den Erfolg des Projekts braucht er nur eines: Zeit. Ihr […]

Schalke 04 holt ehemals gebannten Spieler für die Prime League – League of Legends

Überraschender Transfer bei Schalke 04 Evolution. Die Königsblauen holen Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík als Verstärkung für die Prime League. Und das obwohl die Sperre gegen den Slovaken gerade erst ausgelaufen ist. Der junge Slovake spielte zuletzt bei Misfits im Nachwuchsteam und gehörte zu den vielversprechenden Nachwuchstalenten in der europäischen Szene. Dies änderte sich aber im Dezember letzten […]

Players in China Get "Addiction" Warnings For Playing Too Much Fortnite

Fortnite players in China could soon be getting messages telling them to stop playing after three hours. This is part of the country’s clampdown on gaming addiction, and follows a previous law that stops children from gaming at night. The new v12.10 update was just released for Fortnite, and with it came some bug fixes and the […]

Overwatch: Season 21 is live along with the first hero pool

Season 21 is officially live in Overwatch, which means that hero pools are here as well. Hero pools will ban certain characters in competitive play and will have no impact on the quick play or arcade game modes. ✖ To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 […]

Are League of Legends’ Eternals worth buying?

A new League of Legends feature hit the Shop this week, allowing fans to track their stats with Eternals—and once again, the community is divided. Eternals debuted with Patch 10.5, allowing players to flex on opponents with in-game achievements for things like Bicycle Kicks on Lee Sin or Fatal Flirtations with Ahri. While it’s fun […]

Goldenboy leaks possible Overwatch 2 release in 2020

In an episode of The Four Heads podcast, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez states that Overwatch 2 is releasing at the end of this year. This is in line with other speculation about the game’s release date. In The Four Heads podcast, Goldenboy is discussing Riot Games’ upcoming shooter, Valorant, with Brennon “BrenCasts” Hook, Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson […]