Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Quest 3 in December

  Thank you for Signing Up Meta announced at Connect 2023 that Xbox Cloud Gaming is heading to Quest in December, meaning you’ll be able to play all of your favorite flatscreen games on offer through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Meta’s full unveiling of Quest 3 yesterday came with a fair bit of news, including specs, […]

Quest 3 Preview: An Impressive Leap Held Back by Software Struggles

  Thank you for Signing Up Quest 3 is an impressive leap in hardware, especially in the visual department, but it continues Meta’s tradition of building great hardware that feels held back by its software. After months of teasing and leaks, Quest 3 is finally, officially, fully announced. Pre-orders start today at $500 and the headset […]

Valve Launches SteamVR 2.0 Beta, Bringing Core Features to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up After a period of significant silence about VR from the company, Valve today surprise-released a beta for SteamVR 2.0, a major upgrade to the platform’s VR interface which finally brings more of the platform’s core capabilities into VR. Valve originally said it planned to release “SteamVR 2.0” in 2020. But […]

Crafting Memorable VR Experiences – The Interaction Design of Fujii

  Thank you for Signing Up Creating a VR that truly immerses the user is no easy feat. To pull this off correctly requires a careful blend of graphics, animations, audio, and haptics that work together in deliberate concert to suspend disbelief and engross the user. Fujii is a joyful interactive adventure and a masterclass in rich […]

iPhone 15 Pro is Apple's First Smartphone With Spatial Video Capture

  Thank you for Signing Up Apple today announced its iPhone 15 lineup of smartphones, including the iPhone 15 Pro which will be the company’s first phone to capture spatial video for immersive viewing on Vision Pro. While Apple Vision Pro itself works as a spatial camera, allowing users to capture immersive photos and videos, I think […]

Why Nintendo Hasn't Made a Real VR Headset Yet – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up There’s a rumor going around that Nintendo is making a VR headset in partnership with Google. The rumor is still unconfirmed, but when the world’s oldest extant gaming company finally thinks it’s time to make a dedicated XR device, you know it’s going to be something special. Having seen how […]

Thin & Light PC VR Headset Bigscreen Beyond Now Shipping in US – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up Bigscreen announced it’s now shipping Beyond, the company’s thin and light PC VR headset unveiled earlier this year. Created by the same team behind the Bigscreen Beta VR app, Bigscreen Beyond is a tethered PC VR headset that uses Valve’s SteamVR tracking standard. Priced at $1,000, the headset makes for an […]

Meta is Reportedly Partnering with LG to Create Apple Vision Pro Competitor – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up Meta is reportedly teaming up with South Korean tech giant LG Electronics to offer up competition to the Apple’s forthcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which is slated to arrive sometime in 2024. South Korea’s Maekyung (Korean) is reporting on two new Meta headsets: a low-cost Quest model that will be priced […]