RoboCop: Rogue City Review – Serving The Public Trust – Game Informer

RoboCop: Rogue City is likely the best game the action hero has ever starred in. That bar isn’t tough to hurdle, but the adventure delivers plenty of thrills for fans to be excited about. This narrative-driven first-person shooter has a loving reverence for the films and a good understanding of its protagonist, swinging for the […]

Turtle Beach Stealth Pros are top quality headphones that deliver great sound

Video game headphone makers have increasingly been looking to multi-platform sets in recent years. The likes of HyperX have done very well designing cans that you can use not only on your gaming console of choice, but rival machines and on-the-go devices too. This is Turtle Beach’s effort and it’s excellent. Its well-rounded Stealth Pros […]

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a stripped-back stealth game that’s a joy on PS5

Bookmark Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Ahh, Assassin’s Creed how we’ve missed you. And I’m not talking about the recent mega beast ACs in games like Origins and Valhallah. I’m talking about that classic AC style of gameplay, the stealth action, story-driven fast-paced adventures of several years back. Because, while the huge […]

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Preview – How Difficult Is It? – Game Informer

As one of the most popular and influential series in video games, Super Mario Bros. must appeal to a wide audience of players across a massive spectrum of skills. The main stages of nearly every Super Mario Bros. game accomplish this daunting feat through balanced level design, innovative gimmicks, and fun challenges that nearly anyone can […]

Forza Motorsport gets a top podium finish for its amazingly realistic racing

Race fans on the Xbox have an epic game here to get their teeth into. The revamped Forza Motorsport has had a major overhaul and simplification so diehard car nuts can get their fill easily. Turn 10 Studios are known for producing some of the best racing simulators out there. But they’ve gone another level […]

Red Dead Online Update Time: Weekly and Daily Reset time for updates, challenges

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most popular games of all time, but Red Dead Online is arguably more popular than the main campaign itself. We'd certainly wage that more time has been spent playing the online multiplayer mode than the fantastic single-player story of Arthur Morgan. However, if you're relatively new to […]

EA Sports FC 24 Review – Squad Overhaul – Game Informer

Following its split with soccer’s governing body, EA Sports’ FIFA series is no more, but make no mistake: EA Sports FC is a solid game with a host of welcome improvements. The bones of this longtime franchise remain sturdy and familiar, like a well-run club. The suite of changes to Ultimate Team makes for a […]

Before Your Eyes is an innovative PSVR2 game that you control by blinking

Titles like Before Your Eyes really show how virtual reality can upend everything you think you know about video gaming. This is a well liked year-old game that comes alive on the new Playstation headset. And there’s no doubt in my mind it is now the definitive way to play it. The game drops you […]

The Nitro Deck is a plug-in base for Nintendo Switch that tackles Joy-Con drift

The much-anticipated Nitro Deck is a game changer for Nintendo Switch players sick of Joy-Con drift. The firm’s handheld console, while brilliant, can occasionally suffer from the issue where your controllers will ‘drift’ to the left or right, moving characters on-screen even if you’re not touching them. Peripheral maker CRKD reckons it has the solution […]