Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5 is a phenomenal new flagship action game

We have more newsletters This Playstation blockbuster feels like an homage to all the best video games of the modern era. It’s got the puzzle based action-adventure of Uncharted, the post-apocalyptic visuals of The Last Of Us, the bow and arrow gameplay of Tomb Raider and a sprawling open world like something out of Zelda: […]

Ooblets Review – A Cheerful Grind – Game Informer

Ooblets offers a smile-inducing amalgamation of monster collecting, farming simulation, and relationship building. However, this delightful chill pill becomes tougher to swallow thanks to a tedious, grind-heavy progression that tests your patience in less enjoyable ways.   The adventure whisks players to Badgetown, a quirky village where residents harmoniously live alongside Pokémon-esque creatures called Ooblets. Despite […]

XGIMI Halo+ projector is a brilliant portable viewer for those on-the-go

Let’s start by saying I love this projector. It’s an amazing bit of tech made for on-the-go viewing with a cracking built-in speaker. But there are two small setbacks. The Halo+ is pushed as a ‘home and away’ device, with maker XGIMI promoting its outdoor credentials in particular. But it has a two and a […]

1More’s Evo True Wireless Earbuds are curvy, classy and have a rich sound

Real thought has been put into the design of these quaint but excellent little ear buds. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the Evos have a pearl-like curvy look to them, giving them a feminine edge over many of their more blocky rivals. It is stylish, something you’ll want to be wearing, rather than a functional […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection has 13 classic games

The collection of classic Ninja Turtles games contains 13 titles for your £40. That’s a lot of gaming for the money, albeit retro hits you may well have played before. The menu system is simple and allows to you sift through the games on offer to quickly delve into late 80s, early 90s classics all […]

MultiVersus Review – Packing A Punch – Game Informer

Warner Bros. has given new studio Player First Games some of its most popular characters to carve out space in the Smash Bros.-dominated IP-crossover-fighter genre. MultiVersus succeeds where others have failed, but it still has some growing to do. Though LeBron James appears on the roster thanks to his starring role in Space Jam: A […]

Kenshi And Sub-Zero Unite In Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind Trailer

Snow Blind, the next installment in the Mortal Kombat Legends animated film series, got its first trailer today ahead of its October release. The new movie tells the origin story of Kenshi, who tags up with Sub-Zero to kombat Outworld’s usual suspects and keep the peace (or as peaceful as this universe can get).  The film explores […]