What I Want From The Witcher 4

With CD Projekt Red deep into preparations for their new title, Cyberpunk 2077, it is likely that we won’t be seeing a Witcher title anytime soon. However, considering the success of the game series and the popularity of The Witcher Netflix series, it is likely that the developers have not entirely abandoned their flagship title. If […]

Gaming Detail: Minecraft’s Pandas Love Cake

Just like in real life, pandas in Minecraft love eating cake! Just kidding, real-life pandas probably don’t eat cake, and even if they did it would probably be something lame like bamboo cake. But now, armed with this new knowledge, we can safely say that Minecraft pandas are on a different level of cute that surpasses that […]

What Nintendo Learned From Disney’s Anti-Consumer Playbook

Today, news came that Nintendo would be releasing the original Fire Emblem game in English for the first time. However, there’s a catch – the game, both in its digital and physical release, will be available for a limited time only. This comes mere months after Nintendo put out Super Mario 3D All-Stars – a truly bad compilation […]

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra Preview – Looking For Legendary Status

Following the launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield last year, Game Freak announced the Expansion Pass, promising two new story-driven expansions for the first all-new Pokémon RPGs on the Switch. The first expansion, The Isle of Armor, was a fun addition to the mainline story, but had plenty of problems that made it less memorable than […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Feels Great, Sounds Off

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War had a recent open beta, and after a few hours playing its various multiplayer maps and modes available, one thing is for certain: The game is an absolute joy to control. But that joy is undercut by persistent issues with the game’s audio, which robs the player of […]

New Research Suggests Early Video Game Experience Could Enhance Brain Functions

If you, like myself, have been a video game nerd for about as long as you’ve been able to talk, walk, and form coherent memories, then you’ll love this one. According to some research conducted earlier this year at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, all that time spent gaming in your childhood could […]

WoW: Chromie Time Has Caused A Big Problem With Dungeon Finder

Chromie Time, the new way to level in World of Warcraft, is making dungeon queue time frustratingly long. Players in Chromie Time have to wait 15 minutes for the queue to open up beyond the expansion they’re playing in, at which point the queue typically pops right away. With patch 9.0.0, AKA the Shadowlands pre-expansion […]