Games that feel like going outside

Summer will be different this year. Though countries have begun loosing up restrictions that were set up at the outset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most people will not have a normal summer. Vacations will be postponed, some beaches may remain closed, and large gatherings still won’t be considered safe. You may find yourself inside […]

The VR Job Hub: Force Field Entertainment & Costsink

Every weekend VRFocus gathers together vacancies from across the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) industry, in locations around the globe, to help make finding that ideal job easier. Below is a selection of roles that are currently accepting applications across a number of disciplines, all within departments and companies that focus on immersive entertainment. […]

Minecraft Dungeons Review – Familiarity Needs Content

Minecraft Dungeons is a roller-coaster ride of an action/RPG, giving new players a fairly deep representation of the genre while providing veterans a nice diversion from traditionally grimdark trappings. Minecraft’s familiar world, tools, and other elements seamlessly make the transition from the mainline series. Its suite of enemies is a natural fit for this type […]

Crucible Review – A Slow Struggle

Hero shooters are all the rage these days, so games in the middle or bottom of the field struggle to compete against the lead dogs. Crucible is one of those games, where its mediocrity only earns dismissal. Crucible is like a bland and forgettable meal – inoffensive going down, but quickly passed over for something […]

Monster Train Review – Delightfully Devious Deckbuilding

Monster Train owes much to Slay the Spire for popularizing the roguelike deck-builder RPG, both at a high level and in some of its features and mechanics. But don’t dismiss Monster Train as a mere clone or derivative work like so many other games today attempting to capture the deck-building magic. In Monster Train, your […]

Fast & Furious Crossroads Gets Release Date & Gameplay Trailer

Fast & Furious Crossroads from racing experts Slightly Mad Studios was originally planned to come out this month, but due to the global pandemic, is now slated to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 7. Today’s new trailer gives us the first glimpse at the title’s single-player gameplay through some epic encounters […]

Crucible Incorporates Many Flavors Into A Giant Hero Shooter Snack

The free-to-play Crucible launches tomorrow, one of the first games that we’re seeing release out of Amazon Games. Developed by Relentless Studios, the game is quite the amalgamation of genres, tapping into the battle royale craze, a dash of MOBA-esque teamplay, and blazing fast third-person action. While it may appear to be a traditional hero […]

First Screenshots & Gameplay Released for Swordsman VR

At the beginning of the month, Sinn Studio unveiled details for its next virtual reality (VR) title, Swordsman VR. Teasing a singular image and some gameplay info, the team has now released alpha gameplay footage showing Swordsman VR in action as well as plenty of screenshots. The story is set a thousand years ago, with […]

Superhot VR Goes Double Platinum With 2 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

It has been a day of announcements when it comes to Oculus products and sandwiched in between it all is Superhot VR, the popular slow-mo action title. Today, the SUPERHOT Team has announced that over 2 million copies of the videogame have been sold across all platforms. Originally released for Oculus Rift way back in […]

Preview: Phantom: Covert Ops – Who’d of Thought Sniper Rifles & Kayaks Work?

A year after nDreams released the first teasing details of its next virtual reality (VR) title Phantom: Covert Ops, the project is nearing launch, set to arrive in June. VRFocus got its hands on an early demo showcasing some of the first area during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 and was suitably impressed by […]