Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series Full Name Revealed In New Teaser

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series has a name and it’s a touch on the nose, if not overly redundant – The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.  The Lord of the Rings is already a great title. The Rings of Power isn’t bad, either, but putting the two side by side is an […]

Where Is FIFA Ultimate Team’s AFCON Promo?

There’s no promo this week in FIFA Ultimate Team. Nothing. In a game that relies on enticing you back with better rewards each week to keep you in its grindy gameplay loop, this is practically unprecedented. We’ve got a “Team of the Year Warmup” – as if that’s a meaningful collection of words and not […]

5 Things Microsoft Needs To Bring Back After Buying Activision Blizzard

As you may have seen, Microsoft just bought Activision Blizzard King in a deal worth $70 billion. If you haven't heard, then we have failed terribly – this is one of the biggest news stories to hit our medium ever. It's six times as expensive as the second biggest acquisition, and it comes off the […]

I Think The First Pokemon Go/Unite Crossover Was An Accident

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite are finally crossing over in the most Pokemon way ever: officially unannounced and entirely confusing. The connection between the upcoming Power Plant event in Go and the most recent Zeraora holowear in Unite is undeniable, but neither game has mentioned the cross-promotion. It may just be a weird coincidence, but […]

OlliOlli World Preview – Rip, Dip, Pain, Repeat

As I write this my eyes are burning and bloodshot, my knuckles ache and creak, and my fingers are cramped and sore. No, I’ve not been in some kind of brawl – I’ve been playing OlliOlli World, and for as much pain as it gives me, I can’t put it down. In a month stacked […]

Nobody Saves the World is the RPG that gets grind right

Nobody Saves the World is gonna throw a lot of weird stuff at you. It’s a Drinkbox Studios joint, after all, a go-to name for zany video game humor. Still, nearly all the little asides, ironies, and deadpan details had me chortling out loud and pointing at the screen like a misbehaving second-grader. Polygon Recommends […]

Nobody Saves The World – Form And Function

Nobody Saves the World is as charming and funny as Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee series. Bolstered by wonderfully challenging dungeons, Nobody’s core pillars of body swapping and ability customization go a long way to making this a memorable adventure, though a paper-thin world and underwhelming rewards keep this Nobody from being the best Somebody possible. Within […]

Is Apex Legends Esports’ Match Point Format Fit For Purpose?

I’ve talked about the Match Point format before, and I’ll likely talk about it again before too long, but it remains Apex Legends esports’ – or rather, the Apex Legends Global Series’ in particular – most controversial rule. To vastly oversimplify it, in competitions that use the rule a team must reach 50 points and […]

GTFO Review – The Great Escape

Turtle Rock Studios helped define the cooperative squad-based genre with Left 4 Dead and its recently released spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood. 10 Chamber Collective, a small group of ex-Payday developers, was undoubtedly inspired by the acclaimed zombie-slaying franchise. In truth, the studio’s debut project, GTFO, is Payday meets Left 4 Dead, but with a […]