A Twitter Bot Is Trying To Spoil Tomorrow’s Wordle Word

There’s a Twitter bot trying to spoil tomorrow’s Wordle word for anyone who shares their score on social media. Your best option is to hold off on pressing that “share” button until the all-clear is sounded.

In case you haven’t been anywhere online in the past several weeks, Wordle is the new word game where you have to guess a five-letter word in six tries. The green, yellow, and gray blocks that sort of look like a baby’s Tetris set are actually players sharing their scores. Wordle makes it easy to share your performance by providing a “share” button after you guess the word (or in my case fail to guess the word, but people tend not to share their failures).

It seems there’s at least one person out there who’s already tired of seeing posts of colored boxes flooding their Twitter feed. A new Twitter bot appeared today that was spoiling tomorrow’s Wordle word.

Called "The Wordlinator," according to GameSpot, the bot describes itself as "sent from the future to terminated Wordle bragging." The bot searches for those shared Wordle performance posts and then replies to them with tomorrow's word and a promise to return if it detects more bragging.

"Keep bragging," The Wordlinator writes, "and I'll be back every day."

As noted by NME, the bot comes weeks after software engineer Robert Reichel reverse-engineered Wordle and discovered that the next word is actually stored client-side. This meant that with the right know-how, anyone could just peek under the hood and see what tomorrow's Wordle word will be.

Someone must have taken Reichel's work and then used it to create a Twitter bot that targets Wordle brags.

NME reported that the bot was suspended in just 20 minutes, but there's nothing stopping the bot creator from simply making another Twitter account to bring it back online. For your safety and the safety of every other Wordle player, just send your Wordle brags to your preferred Wordle rival and keep them off social media.

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