World of Warcraft and Game Pass could be a match made in heaven

World of Warcraft has had a tough couple of years. But with Microsoft’s recent announcement that it plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, things could be looking up for the giant, aging MMO. If Microsoft were to marry World of Warcraft to its growing Game Pass service, which now boasts 25 million subscribers, we could see […]

Dune Spice Wars will launch lean, add major features over time

Dune Spice Wars was originally announced at the 2021 Game Awards with a short cinematic trailer. Developer Shiro Games released a FAQ on Friday that reveals more information about the strategy game. Among a few finer lore questions and art style answers, the developer answered inquiries about gameplay, pricing, and the early access model. The […]

A digital museum for lockpicking minigames is coming to Steam

It’s time to dust off those lockpicking kits you’ve been hoarding. Dim Bulb Games is releasing Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking to Steam on Thursday. For those unfamiliar, this “game” is part digital museum, part collection of minigames. As you take a walk through its digital space, you’ll be able to play a variety of lockpicking […]

League of Legends’ newest champion is a marksman that can dash over walls

Zeri is the newest champion in League of Legends and Riot has finally revealed her full kit. Riot showed off the new marksman’s abilities on Friday, just after its Season 2022 opening-day livestream. Just like her original trailer suggested, Zeri is a marksman fueled by electricity who can take on her enemies from a distance […]

Riot teased 3 new League of Legends champions during Season 2022 livestream

Riot Games may have just revealed League of Legends’ newest champion earlier this week, but there are always more champions on the horizon. During the game’s Season 2022 opening-day livestream, Riot teased three more champions that are on their way to League in the near future. The first champion is going to be an Enchanter-style […]

Valorant’s newest Agent is Neon, an electricity-fueled speed demon

Riot Games has revealed Valorant’s newest Agent, Neon, in a electric new cinematic. The video short shows off the character and her powers, and it reveals that she’ll arrive in the game with its next update. In the trailer, we see Neon relaxing in her bedroom as she reviews intelligence information given to her by […]

League of Legends’ new champion is Zeri, a flashy marksman from Zaun

Zeri is League of Legends’ newest champion. Unlike Riot’s normal reveals, Zeri seemed to show up almost out of the blue with a champion page on the League of Legends website. Unfortunately, Riot hasn’t announced exactly what Zeri’s abilities do just yet, but her champion page does say that she’s a marksman and includes a […]

Cruise into 2022 with this chill new snowboarding game

Not getting a ton of snow this winter is a bummer, but we’ll always have video games to scratch the winter sports itch. Shredders is an upcoming snowboarding game from a Swedish studio called FoamPunch, and its virtual snow looks so deliciously powdery, I can just imagine myself falling into it. There’s fluffy snow and […]

With the best mods of 2021, who needs a new game?

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint to an old game or the addition of an entirely new game mode, mods are sometimes just as big as the original games they build upon. It seems fitting then, that as the year draws to a close, that fans reflect on the best mods created this year. […]

Halo Infinite multiplayer winter event doles out ‘Peppermint Laughter’ rewards

An “in-game Halo advent calendar” of peppermint-colored gear will be available from Tuesday until the morning of Jan. 4, during Halo Infinite multiplayer’s “Winter Contingency” event. 343 Industries has built in several make-up days to the calendar, so that folks who may be traveling and away from their consoles for the holidays may still have […]