Survival game pioneer Dean Hall is trying to reinvent the genre (again)

Dean Hall didn’t invent survival games, but the success of his DayZ mod for Arma 2 changed the genre forever. You can draw a direct line from the release of DayZ in 2012 to smash hits like Ark: Survival Evolved, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Valheim. That original zombie-themed survival game — now available as a […]

Razer plans to go green with new sustainability goals

Razer is taking its commitment to its iconic green color scheme one step further by literally making the brand more “green” and sustainable. The gaming hardware company announced on Monday a giant roadmap outlining how it plans to lessen its environmental impact over the next 10 years. Razer said that it plans to shift to […]

This World of Warcraft cookbook covers fair food and recipes from the death realm

The World of Warcraft franchise has an entire catalog of books under its belt, ranging from action-adventure romps to supernatural legal dramas. One upcoming title is World of Warcraft: New Flavors of Azeroth: The Official Cookbook, which covers a range of recipes from around the world of Warcraft. This isn’t the first World of Warcraft […]

Valorant’s newest Agent, Astra, revealed

Valorant is getting a new agent for its upcoming Act, and her name is Astra. Riot Games revealed Astra’s ability kit on Sunday, and it’s full of cosmic powers, as well as a few familiar effects. Astra’s kit mostly revolves around placing Stars around the map. Stars are small throwable projectiles, which Astra can use […]

Valheim boss fight guide: Bonemass tips

Getting your base started in Valheim is the first big hurdle, but once you’re rolling along comfortably, you can start taking on the game’s bosses. While the first two bosses aren’t necessarily easy, it’s not until the third boss, Bonemass, that things really get challenging. Unlike Eikthyr and The Elder, Bonemass requires quite a bit […]

Amazon’s MMO New World delayed again

New World, Amazon Game Studios’ action-MMO, has been delayed again and will now launch in full on Aug. 31, the company announced this week. The news comes about six months after a preview event involving thousands of players, and lots of feedback and data for developers to gather. The upshot of that data is that […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator updates the United Kingdom and Ireland today

World Update 3: United Kingdom & Ireland is now live for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update adds detail and enhancements across the entire region — including Scotland and Wales — and is available for free on Windows PC. According to a blog post made Tuesday morning, the update relies heavily on photogrammetry to render the […]

Blaseball fans are taking their wild campaigns into union organizing

Following the surreal dialogue around Blaseball is a little tough due to the sheer amount of absurdity the game (and its community) brings with it. But crafty players realized that the skills fostered by the community could be used elsewhere at a time when fans were in need. Now there’s a whole new layer to […]

Ninja Theory shuts down development on Bleeding Edge

Development has ended on Bleeding Edge, less than a year after the multiplayer melee battler launched on Windows PC and Xbox One. Developer Ninja Theory announced the end on Thursday, noting that Bleeding Edge remains active and playable. It just never drew much of an audience. SteamCharts counted the game’s PC playership at an average […]

Report: Diablo 2 remake in development at reorganized Blizzard

A remake of 2000’s Diablo 2 has been in development, though the team now working on it is the former Activision subsidiary Vicarious Visions, which is now part of Blizzard Entertainment, Bloomberg reported this weekend. The intrigue in Bloomberg’s report is twofold: First, that the Diablo 2 remake is in the works, and second, that […]