Watch Devolver Digital’s not-E3 2021 showcase

Publisher Devolver Digital brings its singular brand of video game publisher zaniness to E3 2021 (or at least close to it) with a new livestream on Saturday, June 12. Dubbed the Devolver MaxPass+ stream, the event promises new looks at upcoming games, including gameplay for Shadow Warrior 3 and Death’s Door. Devolver MaxPass+ (aka Devolver […]

Planet of Lana is a stunning hand-painted adventure

Planet of Lana is a beautiful new cinematic puzzle adventure game from the Swedish indie studio, Wishfully. It was announced during Summer Games Fest kick-off event on Thursday. The story follows Lana, and her animal companion as they embark on a mission to save Lana’s sister. Their planet — which used to be a place […]

Metal Slug is coming back as a tactics game with ‘roguelike elements’

Metal Slug is returning as a grid-based tactical role-playing game with “roguelike elements,” publisher Dotemu announced during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. It’s called Metal Slug Tactics, and a release date was not announced. Players can already wishlist the game on Windows PC via Steam. The trailer, which we’ve embedded above, looks fun as heck […]

What if Max Payne fought werewolves in a reality-breaking hotel?

Sometimes, a game trailer grabs your attention with its sheer amount of style. That’s the case with El Paso, Elsewhere, an upcoming game from Strange Scaffold, the maker of An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs and Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. El Paso, Elsewhere is a love letter to Max Payne, complete with […]

Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid raises more than $400K

A group of indie developers has come together to raise more than $400,000 in donations for Palestinian aid. More than 800 creators submitted their games to the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid on independent platform The bundle is $5 for 1,019 games and experiences, and it’s raised $407,242 at the time of writing — […]

Pokémon cuteness meets brutal survival in Palworld

On Saturday, developer PocketPair unveiled Palworld, an open-world survival game with a twist. Palworld is more than just a multiplayer survival-style shooter, it’s also heavily inspired by Pokémon. Palworld’s debut trailer shows a captivating dichotomy of ideas. This is a game where players explore, craft, build, and wage war, all aided by Pokémon-like creatures called […]

NBA 2K21 is the first free game in the Epic Games Store’s 2021 Mega Sale

The Epic Games Store’s Epic Mega Sale is back again this year with more free games, starting with NBA 2K21. The sale will continue until June 17, with Epic revealing new free games every week. NBA 2K21 was released in September 2020, and the timing seems perfect for a giveaway, since the NBA playoffs are […]

Gears of War maker shifts to Unreal Engine 5, winds down Gears 5 development

Development on Gears 5 is winding down, says The Coalition, as the studio shifts to projects using Unreal Engine 5 for the latest console and PC technology. Gears 5, which launched for Windows PC and Xbox One in September 2019, still has new content on the way, The Coalition said. Plans include Operation 7 and […]

Valheim players have created their own Thunderdome

Some people love Valheim because they can make cozy cabins and tame boars. Others just want to beat other Vikings to the death in a murder arena. But the game itself rarely rewards this kind of player-vs-player action. That’s why the community has created the Vikings of Legend events, a high-profile series of PvP matches […]

A World of Warcraft fan is capturing the community’s love for armor

World of Warcraft heroes have been going to wild places in the game’s cosmos lately, like the realms of death, or a Lovecraft-style nightmare world. Some fans, however, wish that we could be going to these places in a little more style. Even though there are tons of raids and gameplay systems, some of the […]