Mass Effect N7 Watch Set To Launch Next Week

After recent news about the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it has now been announced that the game will also have its very own themed wrist watch. Set to release next week, you can grab one for yourself from BioWare’s Gear Store for a hefty $75. Considering the $75 price tag on the watch, you’d think […]

Blizzard Intervenes In Hong Kong Debate Between Overwatch League Players

Blizzard has patched relations between some of its Overwatch League teams, following a dispute stemming from one player’s comments on the One China policy. On a stream, Seoul Dynasty player Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park vented his frustration over not being allowed to discuss Hong Kong and Taiwan independence while he’s in Overwatch league. He claims he was […]

Diablo Immortal Confirmed For 2021

Diablo Immortal was confirmed to be launching globally at the last financial earnings release held by Activision Blizzard this year. Not much has been said about the game since December 2020 where a technical alpha was launched, however. A trailer was released last year in July that showed off the classes along with gameplay, giving […]

The 10 Best Side Quests In Judgment

 Judgement’s story is so chaotic that most players will be fighting through the main line trying to keep up, gliding past all the hilarious side content that the Yakuza series is known for. Without having to be tethered down by some sort of connection to the story, Side cases tend to fly off the handle with […]

Apple Wants To Have Microsoft’s Support Of Epic Games Thrown Out Of Court

Just as interest in the courtroom drama was starting to wane, Epic v Apple made the news again this week after some explosive details came out in the ongoing trial. Most of it wasn’t even concerning the two industry giants battling it out, but the other companies brought into the fray to explain the situation […]

Epic Games Reportedly Offered Sony $200 Million For PlayStation Exclusives

We’ve received tons of insider news thanks to the ongoing Apple vs. Epic lawsuit. A number of documents with otherwise unknown information have surfaced during the trial process, and this latest one may be one of the biggest. It seems that Epic Games was trying to secure PlayStation exclusives for the Epic Games Store. As […]

New G4 Isn’t Just About "Games Or Entertainment, It’s About Gamer Culture"

The new G4TV is prime to pick up where the old one left off, and it’s perfect content for today’s gaming scene. That’s what Brian Terwilliger, G4’s VP of Programming & Creative Strategy, believes. While the network’s 2021 revival is advertising the return of old favorites like Attack of the Show!, it will also bring new shows based […]

Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Games & Apps

One of the biggest post-launch features added to the Oculus Quest so far has been controller-free hand tracking. With more and more games and experiences implementing support either officially or through SideQuest, we’ve narrowed down the best Oculus Quest hand-tracking games so far. When the Oculus Quest launched last year, your only input option was […]