New PS5 game trailer for Godfall confirms 2020 release date The PS5 reveal event may have been delayed but at least there’s one, small, bit of new footage for its only announced exclusive. If the PlayStation 5 showcase planned for this Thursday had gone ahead, we would’ve finally seen what games Sony are planning for the console’s launch but at the moment we still […]

Activision delays new seasons for Call of Duty amid unrest

Activision announced that it has delayed new seasons for its Call of Duty games amid unrest in the U.S. The nationwide protests erupted and spilled over into violence after the killing of a black man by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Sony and Electronic Arts have canceled big events this week, and others may […]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 update: Warzone release date changed

Activision has confirmed that developers Infinity Ward have decided to push back the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4. This means that the next COD Warzone update might not be coming this week on PS4, Xbox One and PC. No new release date has been confirmed for Call of Duty Season 4, […]

PS5 reveal event postponed: When is Sony’s new PlayStation 5 console event?

Sony has announced that they are postponing the PS5 reveal event scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 2020. This means that there will be no major PlayStation 5 game reveals being hosted this week. The tech giant confirmed its plan changes in a new update shared with the PlayStation community, telling PS4 gamers: “We have decided […]

AI tools could improve fake news detection by analyzing users’ interactions and comments

In a paper published on the preprint server, researchers affiliated with Microsoft and Arizona State University propose an approach to detecting fake news that leverages a technique called weak social supervision. They say that by enabling the training of fake news-detecting AI even in scenarios where labeled examples aren’t available, weak social supervision opens […]

Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.9 Is Live On PTR

[Update: Patch 2.6.9 is now live on the PTR. Changes include new Necromancer and Demon Hunter sets, skill changes for the Necromancer, and Legendary item changes. The update arrives on PTR a full week after it was originally planned to deploy–according to Blizzard, “additional QA time” was required to address bugs and other issues.] Original […]

One Of The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers Is On Sale For $35

8BitDo makes some of the best Nintendo Switch controllers around, offering high-quality alternatives to Nintendo’s pricey first-party options. One of our favorite 8BitDo controllers, the SN30 Pro, is discounted to $35 at Amazon and Best Buy right now. The SN30 excels both when playing retro games and most modern titles. Amazon is your best bet […]

June VR Games 2020: The Biggest Releases This Month

Need a way to cool down this summer? Well we definitely don’t recommend VR; it makes you really hot. But with the new June VR games, it’ll be hard to stay away. We’re rounding up the biggest releases of the month below, including the long-awaited launch of Phantom and the return of The Wizards. Don’t […]

Lenovo and Pico’s Standalone Headset Mirage VR S3 Arrives Q3 2020

Lenovo has announced today that it’ll be stepping back into the field of standalone virtual reality (VR) with the Mirage VR S3. A collaboration with Pico Interactive, the new device is set to arrive later this year focused on the business market. The Lenovo Mirage VR S3 was originally revealed at the beginning of the […]