The Medium review – next gen horror

The first major Xbox Series X exclusive is finally out, featuring a special split-screen display that’s only possible on next gen. As much as Microsoft’s plan for the Xbox Series X/S seems to go against all previously accepted norms it does seem to be working. The new consoles enjoyed the best launch ever for Xbox […]

Everything You Need To Know About Red Dead Online In 2021

Red Dead Online was released back in 2019, and since then, it has had its ups and downs. While, for now, this multiplayer game is under the shadow of its big brother GTA Online, Red Dead Online is its own thing. Slowly but surely, a strong and loyal community is building around this cowboy experience. 2020 […]

The US Government Is Keeping Tabs On GameStop Stocks

The GameStop saga continues to unfold, and things are really heating up now that the US government is keeping tabs on transactions. White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed as much during her daily briefing, revealing that the US Secretary of the Treasury is watching events closely as they unfold. Psaki didn’t discuss whether the […]

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: Everything You Need To Know About Haunted Houses

In The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff you can live your best supernatural life with the brand new Haunted House Residential trait. This new lot type will bring all the spooks to your yard and if you don’t take control then you may even encounter… her. Haunted houses can be a great place to live, especially […]

Here's What's Staying (And Leaving) In Destiny 2 Before Year 4 Ends

Destiny 2 changed a lot with Beyond Light, but what other changes are on the way before the end of Year 4? Bungie recently outlined what Guardians can expect to stay and what they can expect to leave in a recent developer update, including the status of Wrathborn Hunts, what’s happening with Crow, and more.  […]

Forget GameStop, Blockbuster Stock Surged 700% On Tuesday

GameStop is on top of the world right now, with stock prices hundreds of dollars higher than they were just a few days ago. However, there might be a new champ in town, as the practically-defunct Blockbuster has watched its stock sore 700% since Tuesday. If the GameStop rollercoaster has shown us anything, it’s that […]

Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith: We’re not ready for real-world braindancing

Cyberpunk 2077 introduced another take on virtual reality when it launched late last year. Braindancing (the downloading of data from an experience to view it through someone else)  saw players experience an event from another person’s point of view. It went deeper than what we experience in the real world with virtual reality headsets like […]

Green Hell VR: How Open World Survival Is A Great Fit For VR

Green Hell is a popular open world wilderness survival game that’s getting a VR port for Quest and PC VR headsets later this year. We took some time to catch up with the developers behind the port and find out what makes the game such a great fit for VR. Scheduled to launch in […]

Tomb Raider Series Coming To Netflix

Tomb Raider is an iconic franchise in the game industry, and has already spun off into other media like movie adaptations, novels, and comics. Lara Craft is about to expand her reach even further, since Netflix just revealed its plans for an upcoming animated series starring the adventurer. The popular streaming service will be the home […]