PS4 load times have just had a massive speed boost in Sony first party games

The PS5 may be only weeks away now but Sony has begun releasing patches that speed up the loading of current gen games, even without a SSD. If you’ve played The Last Of Us Part 2 or Ghost Of Tsushima you would’ve a noticed a very strange but welcome feature: they load incredibly quickly. Like, […]

Games Inbox: Taking time off to play PS5

The Monday Inbox thinks the Xbox Series X will suffer the same fate as the Xbox 360, as one reader hopes for the Fire Emblem anniversary edition in the UK. To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] Silver liningOkay, so we’re just weeks away from the next gen starting up and I realise […]

Fortnite World Champion Aqua Accused Of Stream Sniping

In a shocking twist of events, duo world cup winner Aqua was seemingly caught stream sniping during the week three qualifiers of Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4. Aqua’s team was in the midst of being overpowered by their opponents when Aqua claimed that his game had crashed. Whether or not this was true […]

Guillermo del Toro Pitched Master Chief’s Evil Twin For Halo Movie

Fourteen years after it was first announced, the Halo movie has become something of a myth to franchise fans. Although Halo is still a money-making machine in terms of its success, the promised Halo movie never happened, with Microsoft, Fox, Universal, and a slew of big-name directors and producers throwing fists over almost every aspect […]

Faction Reputation System Returns In Fallout Miami, So Be Careful

In the days of Fallout: New Vegas, you had to pick and choose which quests you would accept, who you were okay with irritating, and—of course—which faction you would align yourself with. Fallout: Miami is seeking to bring that experience back to the Fallout universe. Fallout: Miami is a community developed mod that has quickly […]

Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: How has the pandemic changed gaming?

GameCentral readers describe how their video game habits have changed over the course of the year and during lockdown. The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Cray, who asked how the coronavirus pandemic has changed how you play games this year. Since the start of lockdown in March how has your […]

5 companies Xbox should’ve bought rather than Bethesda – Reader's Feature

A reader thinks there are many more useful companies Microsoft could’ve bought than Bethesda, including Sega and Moon Studios. I’ve had plenty of time to digest the news that Microsoft paid $7.5 billion for Bethesda and… nope, I still don’t get it. The only two games of theirs that sell really big are Fallout and […]

New Legend Horizon Stranded in Space in Latest Apex Legends Teaser Video

Apex Legends has released another Season 7 teaser video, with the latest showing suspected new legend Horizon seemingly stranded in space. The 33-second video was released yesterday on Twitter, spanning longer than the previous seven and ten-second teasers. While the last two teasers’ origins were listed as “unknown,” this one confirms Dr. Mary Somers’ appearance. […]

FrankenQuest 2 Is The Most Comfortable Way To Use Quest 2

Facebook upped its comfort game with the Oculus Quest 2, offering not one but two premium straps for its new headset. For my money, though the best Quest 2 strap still comes from an unlikely source: HTC Vive. That’s right; FrankenQuest 2 has been given life. If you’re not familiar with this rather brilliant brand […]