Nobody Saves The World – How To Unlock More Form Quests

One of the main draws of Nobody Saves The World is its form-changing mechanic and levelling up each character to make them stronger. These forms can go from Rank E all the way to Rank S, upgrading their stats, gaining access to more passive or active abilities, and gaining access to more challenges. Although you […]

Minecraft: How To Get A Dripleaf

Quick Links Dripleaf Natural Generation Trading For Dripleaves Dripleaf Variations Placing Dripleaves Underwater How To Harvest Dripleaves What To Do With Dripleaves Over the years, tons of new blocks have been added to Minecraft. Now, the game is packed with unique blocks and items to enhance your experience. One of these new blocks that you […]

Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Unlock New Operators And REACT Tech

Quick Links How To Unlock Operators How To Unlock REACT Tech The Operators of Rainbow Six Siege are well-equipped to handle most threats, so they're the perfect people to call when Archæans – which are also known as Archies and are essentially zombies infected by an alien parasite – begin popping up around the world. […]

Mass Effect: The Citadel: Homecoming Assignment Guide

Wondering how to complete the Citadel: Homecoming assignment? Here are all the options you have and the consequences they will have in the future. If you've been playing Mass Effect for a while now you may have noticed that there is a bunch of side content to get through, and it's just as engaging as […]

Quest v37 Update Adds Hand Tracking Menu, Apple Keyboard

The full version of Meta Quest v37 is rolling out from today with a handful of new features to talk about. Firstly, there’s support for a brand new keyboard – Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Once v37 is installed you’ll be able to enable support for the device in Quest’s experimental features settings, meaning your headset will […]

8 Most Bizarre Pokemon Challenges

The mainline Pokemon games, in spite of both their age and target demographic, have an impressively large following on both YouTube and Twitch. That's no surprise given the staying power the series has retained over the past 25 years, but, given the relatively straightforward nature of each Pokemon game, it's not unfair to question what's […]