Neon White – Every Shortcut Location For Mission 8: Benediction

Quick Links Heaven's Edge Zipline Swing Chute Crash Ascent Straightaway Firecracker Streak Mirror While Neon White has never been bashful about introducing potent new tools into the game, the eighth mission gives you a soul card that absolutely trumps every weapon that came before it: the rocket launcher. It feels like the assault rifle's discard […]

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Windbringer Hills

Quick Links Mokoko Seeds One And Two – East Of Guard Post Mokoko Seeds Three And Four – East Of The Waste Facility Mokoko Seeds Five And Six – Junkyard Mokoko Seed Seven – East Of The Stern Portal Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine – The Secret Room There are more than 1,200 mokoko seeds […]

Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Kuki Shinobu

Quick Links Shockingly Thunderous Unlimited Crowd Control Overloaded Power Judgment From Above All-In-One Team Kuki Shinobu is the latest edition to the list of playable characters in Genshin Impact. She is the Deputy Leader of the infamous Arataki Gang. She finished her graduation in Liyue where she also met Yanfei as one of her substitute […]

This Bored Ape Crypto Restaurant Has Stopped Accepting Crypto

In what may go down as one of the biggest cases of irony known to man, a California crypto restaurant has stopped accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The restaurant, Bored & Hungry, initially prided itself on being the first eatery to accept a digital currency. Now, you've gotta take your pocket full of […]

RRR Is A Blockbuster In The Way Doctor Strange And Jurassic World Can Only Dream Of

Everybody stop what you're doing right now and go watch RRR on Netflix. 'B-b-b-but mommy it's th-thr-three hours long, and it's in a foreign language!' Boo hoo. Budget your time better. Learn to read. Evolve as a human being. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. I will admit I only got around to watching RRR recently, mostly because […]

Fans Aren’t Loving The New Sonic 3 Music Tracks In Origins

Sonic Origins launched this week, and it's been met with a mixed reception from fans. While players love having four classic Sonic games all in one package, performance issues and bugs have plagued the release, especially on PC it seems. And to make matters worse, some of the best music tracks in Sonic 3 are […]

Fortnite Is Rumoured To Be Collaborating With Dead By Daylight

A reliable insider has claimed that Fortnite and Dead by Daylight are going to be collaborating with one another. There are no two online games out there that love a crossover quite as much as Fortnite and Dead by Daylight, both regularly teaming up with big brands to bring new characters, items, and outfits to […]

Super Mario Starshine Is Galaxy Meets Sunshine And There’s A Demo Out Now

A demo for Super Mario Starshine, a project that aims to recreate Super Mario Sunshine with Super Mario Galaxy 2's engine, is available to download now. As has been widely publicised ever since Super Mario Odyssey's announcement, Nintendo puts its 3D Mario games into two categories – one with games like Super Mario Galaxy that […]

5 Changes To Make Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Go From Good To Great

Blade Runner is the latest classic game from the '90s to make a comeback with the help of a remaster. Dubbed the Enhanced Edition, the latest version of the game boasts a number of improvements over the original, like upgraded visuals and support for gamepad controls. For many years, the game had been relegated to […]