Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 7 Dark Emblem Walkthrough

Quick Links Setup Phase Unbreakable Tiles The Battle On The Bridge Post-Battle Exploration Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem Engage is a face-to-face confrontation with Hortensia and her army of Pegasus Knights. After having just finished a battle defined by its quirky mechanic, this battle is very much a what you see is what you get […]

Barbaria Coming To Quest Headsets Next Month

Barbaria is coming to Quest 2 and Quest Pro on February 9, bringing an exciting mix of first-person combat, asynchronous multiplayer raids and diorama-like base building. The game previously released in Early Access via Steam for PC VR and its upcoming Quest release will coincide with the Steam version exiting early access and entering full […]

The Biggest Gaming News For January 29, 2023

As the weekend comes to a close, we should all reflect on our many achievements, mostly in video games. Because I’m sure that you’ve been concentrating on the important things in life such as beating bosses, you’ve probably gotten behind on everything that’s been going on in the wilder world of games, but that’s what […]

10 16-Bit Era Games That Still Hold Up Today

The fourth generation of consoles has to be one of the best, with the stellar libraries of both the SNES and Sega Genesis. It was also a generation that would be completely alien for most modern players because games were actually different between the systems. Aladdin on the SNES and Genesis are two completely separate […]

Dead Island 2 Developers Call Skill Deck The "Most Exciting" Addition

The developers at Dambuster Studios working on Dead Island 2 recently discussed one of the "most exciting" new features coming to the game. This would be none other than a skill deck, at least according to Creative Director James Worrall and Lead Narrative Designer Ayesha Khan. The news comes from an interview by Game Informer […]

The Big Question – What’s The Best Video Game Remake?

After what feels like years of waiting, the Dead Space remake is finally upon us, letting gamers everywhere return to a darker, scarier version of the USG Ishimura. By all accounts, the remake has lived up to the high expectations that fans had set upon it, letting it join the ranks of games like Final […]

Roblox: Pixel Piece – Fruit Tier List

Quick Links Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List How To Get Devil Fruit In Pixel Piece All Devil Fruit Abilities There isn't any lack of One Piece games on Roblox, and Pixel Piece is one of the popular ones. The game leaves you in a big world with many islands where you can explore and fight […]

Street Fighter 6 Adds WWE Star Thea Trinidad To Its Commentary Feature

One of the more interesting new features to arrive with Street Fighter 6 is a fight commentary function that makes your bout sound like a real-life esports broadcast. Capcom has hired real esports personalities to lend their voices to this feature in both English and Japanese. So far, we have Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez, James Chen, […]

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp Release Date Expected Soon

Those who remember Advance Wars remember it well. The 2001 turn-based strategy game launched on Game Boy Advance and was one of the most critically acclaimed of that era. Such was the depth and ingenuity of its design that it is considered one of the all-time greats. A sequel followed two years later. Fans have […]

As Quest 3 & PSVR 2 Loom, Meta’s Big Games Are Missing

2022 was a strangely slow year for VR. It started out promising, with potential for several new hardware releases and games to match. But by the end of the year, pandemic and supply chain delays meant that many of those new products got pushed into 2023. Until Pico 4 arrived in October, Quest 2 remained […]