Ultimate wird der neue Valorant-Spieler beim BIG Clan | esports.com

Neues aus dem Hause BIG. So langsam vervollständigt sich das Valorant-Team der Organisation. Neben der deutschen Counter-Strike Legende Fatih “gob b” Dayik, joint jetzt mit Alexander “Ultimate” Pauls ein weiterer CS-Spieler. BIG, die aktuelle Nummer 1 der Welt in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, begrüßt einen weiteren Spieler in ihrem Valorant-Line-Up. Neben der deutschen CS-Legende gob b, […]

250.000 Zuschauer im ersten Stream: Dr Disrespect zurück auf Bildschirm – Streaming

Dr Disrespect ist wieder da. Nach längerer Pause ist der Streamer auf der Plattform YouTube zurückgekehrt. Schon im ersten Stream schauten über 250.000 Zuschauer zu. Der Stream läuft wieder. Dr Disrespect ist wieder live, doch statt auf Twitch streamt der Amerikaner seit Donnerstag auf YouTube. Für sein Comeback-Stream kreierte der weltweite bekannte Streamer eine kleine […]

Cosmos wins Smash Ultimate Singles at The Box: Juice Box #8 – Daily Esports

Brian “Cosmos” Kalu won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at The Box: Juice Box #8 on August 5. Throughout the event, Cosmos played Corrin, his main from Smash 4. Although Corrin has seen much less use in Ultimate, the character received buffs in a recent patch. Cosmos’ run through pools was fairly smooth, although he […]

Apex Legends reveal Rampart as new legend in Season 6 with official trailer

The long awaited Season 6 reveal for Apex Legends finally occurred today, as Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer. More of a cinematic trailer, the short video showcases the new legend coming in Season 6, being Rampart. This was long leaked as the most likely outcome but now it’s official. Along with Rampart, Apex Legends […]

Potential VAC verification error fix – August 6 Steam crash

A Steam crash on August 6 has brought even more issues to those trying to play Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The recent Trusted Mode update to CS:GO left much to be desired and seemed to cause many issues while not exactly appearing to combat the cheating as well as many had hoped. With the latest […]

Details on the new Fortnite Taxi Driver ‘Buckle Up’ LTM surface

As a result of the v13.40 update in Fortnite, leaks have been pouring in all week. There were the standard cosmetic leaks which hint at which items could arrive in the Item Shop in future weeks. However, what’s more enticing are the insights into future content, such as Limited-Time Modes (LTM). One prominent dataminer was […]

Joe Rogan may be right about gaming—but there's a much larger issue at hand

While enjoyable, video games aren’t always good for us. Joe Rogan recently received plenty of criticism for his comments on gaming, but he may not have even deserved that criticism. During a conversation with Joe De Sena on the 1,514th episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan suggested video games are dangerous. They present an […]

Riot announces Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship

Riot Games has officially announced the first global Teamfight Tactics (TFT) tournament: the Galaxies Championship. The tournament starts on September 3 and will feature players from around the world. Here’s what you need to know. Who will compete in TFT’s Galaxies Championship? TFT‘s Galaxies Championship will feature 16 players from different regions around the globe. […]

Teams, Organizers, Influencers Largely Silent on BLAST’s Controversial NEOM Deal

Last week when Riot Games’ League of Legends European Championship announced it had entered into a partnership with NEOM, a planned cross-border city in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia, a large section of the esports community and employees of Riot expressed outrage. With the groundswell of criticism surrounding Saudi Arabia’s record of human […]

Riot adds new PsyOps skin line to League of Legends PBE

League of Legends players will soon be getting a new line of industrial sci-fi inspired skins called PsyOps. Some insiders think they are connected thematically to the ArcticOps skin line—although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Expect the lore to be cleared up when the skin line drops in the main League client’s store. For now, […]