Where To Get A Nintendo Switch Lite: In Stock At Amazon, Best Buy, Target, And More

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, there is now a worldwide Nintendo Switch shortage. Nintendo’s newest console has become hard to come by. Retailers are struggling to keep up with increased demand for the console as millions of people around the world continue to stay at home, looking for something to do. The […]

Razer's New Laptop Boasts Impressive Specs And A Huge Price Tag

Razer’s gaming laptops can come equipped with some pretty high-end specs, but the company’s latest laptop trounces them all. The Razer Blade 15 Studio laptop is made with production, VFX, and other creative fields in mind, so it packs impressive specs within its chassis to make all of those things possible. It’s not designed for […]

PS4's Sold-Out Back Button Attachment Will Be Restocked Soon, Says Sony

The best PS4 controllers out there feature programmable back paddles, and earlier this year, Sony released an attachment that equipped its DualShock 4 with them. That move proved popular as the back button attachment sold out quite quickly. Thankfully, Sony says more will be back in stock in the US next week. The DualShock 4 […]

Razer's New Gigantic Mouse Pad Can Cover Your Entire Desk

Razer has a line of mouse pads that sync with its Chroma lighting tech, but if you’re a bigger fan of soft mouse pads that offer great friction control and a non-slip rubber bottom, then Razer has just revealed the latest edition of its soft Gigantus mouse pad. The Gigantus V2 features better friction control […]

Xbox Series X Pre-Order Guide: Get Notified When Store Pages Are Live

Since it revealed the Xbox Series X at last year’s Game Awards, Microsoft has been trickling out information about its next-gen console. We’ve seen what the Xbox Series X controller looks like, learned details about the console’s build and specs, and how the Xbox Series X will handle backward-compatibility. The Xbox Series X is still […]

A Free Razer Gaming Mouse Comes With This Fantastic Keyboard Deal

Best Buy has been offering some awesome deals on Razer’s gaming keyboards and mice over the past couple of weeks, bundling a free gaming mouse with the purchase of a specific keyboard. This week’s highlighted gaming keyboard is the Razer Huntsman Elite for $200. It comes with a free Razer Viper gaming mouse, which is […]

Memorial Day 2020 Best Gaming Deals: Games, 4K TVs, Headsets, And More

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with most parts of the US still stuck inside and social distancing because of the coronavirus, this holiday weekend is sure to feel different than previous years. Whether you have a three-day weekend ahead of you or still have to work on Monday–our condolences in advance–there are plenty […]

Get A Free Razer Gaming Mouse With This Great Gaming Keyboard Deal

Gaming keyboards and mice can be quite expensive, so this Best Buy deal is particularly exciting. The retailer is selling the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard for $120, down from $150, and that’s not even the best part: You also get the $90 Razer Mamba Elite wired gaming mouse absolutely free. It’s important to note this […]