Waiting for Pokémon Snap? Try Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

It’s been decades since I’ve played Pokémon Snap, but I still think of it fondly. I only remember playing it in one place, at my grandmother’s house and in the living room, not the den. My memory tells me I never owned it, that I waited patiently for it, week after week, to come back […]

Riot unveils the Legends of Runeterra road map for 2021

Now that it’s 2021, Riot Games has released a roadmap of the content coming to card game Legends of Runeterra throughout the year. The first major update will be in February, when Lunari assassin comes to the game. The roadmap currently runs through July, and shows a lot of Shurima related content showing up throughout […]

Pokémon Go gets a global event for franchise’s 25th anniversary

Niantic and The Pokémon Company are holding a special event in Pokémon Go in February for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. It’s called Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto and, like this summer’s Go Fest, will be a global, virtual ticketed event designed to celebrate the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green. In fact, tickets for February’s Pokémon Go […]

RootMetrics: South Korea’s ‘brilliant’ 5G will spur other countries in 2021

Fifth-generation cellular technology is widely expected to be the network infrastructure behind the fourth industrial revolution — the wireless pipes eventually connecting data processors to thousands of factories, millions of sensors, and billions of client devices — but in the United States, nationwide 5G networks are barely outperforming their 4G predecessors. That’s not the case […]

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 is an AI and computer vision powerhouse

Although Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip enabled the iPhone 12 family and iPad Air tablets to deliver impressive performance improvements, Qualcomm is making clear that the next generation of Android devices will rely heavily on advanced AI and computer vision processors to retake the performance lead. Teased yesterday at Qualcomm’s virtual Tech Summit, the Snapdragon […]

Pokémon Go is getting seasons, and big changes to Go Battle League

Pokémon Go will soon begin to change in accordance with the seasons, an update that will affect which Pokémon players see in the mobile game. Seasons in Pokémon Go will also have an impact on the mobile game’s competitive player-versus-player mode, Go Battle League. Developer Niantic announced Wednesday that with each season, different Pokémon will […]

Apple’s Intel-ARM pivot could be a huge Mac moment or blown opportunity

Fifteen years ago, Apple announced that its Mac computers were switching to Intel CPUs, as IBM’s PowerPC desktop and laptop chips had hit unresolvable development roadblocks. At a special media event this month, new Macs will officially replace Intel chips with Apple-developed ARM processors, a transition that could either be a significant milestone for Apple’s computers, or […]

New Among Us patch adds anonymous voting, colorblind support

A new patch for Among Us was released on Monday, adding some highly anticipated features, like colorblind support for the wire-fixing tasks. Now each side of the wires will have symbols, so you’ll know which ends to line up, even if you have a hard time parsing the colors. In addition to this, accessories, like […]

Canalys: Samsung led Q3 smartphone shipments, Xiaomi knocked Apple out of the top 3

Samsung reclaimed its “top smartphone vendor” title from Huawei in Q3 2020, according to the latest figures from Canalys, while Apple slipped into fourth place behind Xiaomi — the first time that the iPhone maker has been outside the top three in at least 12 years. While smartphone shipments were down 1% on the corresponding […]

How To Play Among Us With A New Horror-Like Game Mode

I usually try to hop on Among Us once a week to link up with my friends back home and get rowdy either trying to get away with virtual murder or ratting each other out. But they like to keep things spicy. So, they put together a sort of alternate game mode by customizing the […]