FDA allows AliveCor’s AI ECG to detect coronavirus drug-induced heart problems

While rivals worked to build basic ECG functionality into smartwatches, AliveCor received FDA approval last year for a first-of-kind six-lead consumer ECG — the KardiaMobile 6L — that could be positioned at multiple sites on the user’s body, gathering additional heart rate data for broader measurements and greater diagnostic accuracy. Now, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to […]

Pokémon Go’s player-vs-player Battle League starts first season next week

The first season of Pokémon Go’s Go Battle League, the mobile game’s player-versus-player mode, gets going next week, Niantic announced Thursday. Players who reached rank 4 during the game’s “preseason” of beta testing and balancing will get a reward to start the season. Officially, Go Battle League season 1 begins Friday, March 13, at 1 […]