Snoop Dogg Has An Xbox Series X Fridge Loaded With Gin And Juice

When the Xbox Series X was first announced, the memes began almost immediately. Its design resembles a PC tower, or at least that appears to be Microsoft’s goal, but it also looks like a refrigerator. The company has fully leaned into the joke, however, and presented Snoop Dogg with a working Xbox Series X fridge. […]

3 Simple Reasons Mortal Kombat Remains A Perfect Video Game Movie

It’s the summer of 1995. I anxiously fidget in a movie theater seat alongside my parents and equally excited brother for what was sure to be the singular defining cinematic event of my young life. Mortal Kombat, the film based on my favorite fighting game, was about to bombard my senses with assured awesomeness. I […]

Get That Black PS5 You Wanted With PlateStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is finally coming to our living rooms in a matter of weeks. In fact, some gaming industry figures are already getting their consoles and teasing fans with photos. But in the rush to simply have one on launch day, many forgot one key issue with the PS5 – it only comes in […]

Ghost of Tsushima 1.13 LIVE: Here’s what’s changed in new Legends update

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The good news for fans is that there are plenty of important fixes being deployed today by Sucker Punch to improve the Ghost of Tsushima Legends experience. Patch 1.13 has a list […]

New Assassin's Creed Valhalla Manga Announced As A Vinland Saga Crossover

Assassin’s Creed is officially returning back to the world of manga following Awakening with a special crossover between Valhalla and Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be crossing over into the Vinland Saga universe with a special manga that will blend the best of both worlds.  For those not familiar with Vinland Saga, […]

Nintendo Joy-Cons To Receive Permanent Price Cut Soon

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons aren’t cheap, but the company will at least make individual Joy-Con controllers a little more affordable. Previously $50, individual left and right Joy-Cons now cost $40 each. That brings them in line with Joy-Con two-packs, which get you both controllers for $80. This price cut will go into effect on November 9, […]

Genshin Impact Gave Away Free Primogems During Server Downtime

Genshin Impact recently gave all its players 240 Primogens as compensation for the server downtime required for maintenance. The premium currency was paid out at a rate of 60 Primogems per hour of downtime, with a minimum payout of 240. According to the developer blog, the server needed to be taken down “while update maintenance […]

Check Out 14 Minutes of Unsettling Scorn Gameplay

Scorn left many gamers scratching their heads when its mysterious (and, frankly, gross) trailer dropped during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase back in May. Developer Ebb Software gave intrigued gamers a good look at the game’s H.R. Giger-style world and the horrors it contains.  The lengthy demo takes players on a methodical trek through one […]

Fallout 76 Is Finally Adding The Brotherhood Of Steel

Ad victoriam, Fallout 76 players, because Bethesda is finally adding the Brotherhood of Steel into the online Fallout experience. While the launch was beyond rough for this game, the last several major content drops have seemingly done a 180 for those that gave it a chance. Now, Fallout 76 feels like a true Fallout game and that’s […]

Pokemon Crown Tundra: Where To Find Regirock

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield is finally here, and it’s adding several Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region to the game. Here’s how to catch Regirock in the Crown Tundra. Regirock is one of the Legendary Titans of Hoenn, alongside Regice and Registeel. Two new Regis have also been introduced in […]