Dr Disrespect's Twitch Ban: What We Know

High-profile Twitch streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV (better known as Dr Disrespect) was banned from the livestreaming platform in late June. And this time, it seems to be permanent, rather than a temporary matter involving a DMCA. Beahm himself said he is unsure of why he was banned. However, others on Twitter claim the reason […]

10 Benefits of Payment Gateways for Business

What’s better than enjoying the service with all safe and secure environment? Well, it’s also a perk and a lot of benefits for your business. The following are the perks and benefits of payment gateways for your business. 1. International Payment Gateways If we talk about international payment gateways, then it is a big need […]

Final Fantasy 14's Delayed 5.3 Update Releases Next Month

Final Fantasy XIV’s delayed 5.3 patch will now arrive in August, Square Enix has announced. The update was originally scheduled to release on June 16 but had to be pushed back due to production difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. “I would like to apologize again to all of our players for the delay […]

Twitch Prime July 2020: Get More Than A Dozen Games If You Have Amazon Prime

It’s finally July, which means Amazon Prime members have a new round of free games to claim this month via Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime comes with any Amazon Prime subscription, so if you’re paying for fast and free shipping from Amazon, you should also be snagging free PC games every month. Five more games are […]

Comic-Con At Home Must-Watch Panel Schedule: Helstrom, The Walking Dead, And More

The Friday schedule for Comic-Con has arrived, and there are plenty of great panels you’ll want to check out, from TV shows diving into the world of What We Do in the Shadows to all of AMC’s The Walking Dead panels to the highly-anticipated Hulu/Marvel series Helstrom. You can check out some of the high-profile […]

How to Acquire a US visa for People Who Have a Special Ability

If you are interested in getting a visa but do not have an employer to sponsor your application, then you can look into getting a nonimmigrant visa. This is called O-1 Visa, which you can also know more about if you click here. The O-1 Visa is a type of Visa that is explicitly given […]

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will No Longer Charge Players To Change Gender

World of Warcraft has historically charged players to change their avatar’s gender, but that is set to change with the new expansion. Right now, it costs $15 to change your character’s gender, but Shadowlands will remove this charge entirely. In an interview with Eurogamer, executive producer John Hight has talked about this mechanic, and promised […]

The VR Download – July 9 2020

The VR Download is UploadVR’s weekly show about all things VR and AR, broadcast from our virtual studios in the metaverse! Join us at 1pm PST on YouTube LIVE. If you have any questions about the week’s VR news, this is your opportunity to ask us directly. The News Discussion this week: Rockstar ‘AAA Open […]