Pokemon GO Adventure Sync and Fitbit? Does Google Fit work with Fitbit or fittofit app?

Pokemon GO recently rolled out it's latest feature, Adventure Sync. According to Niantic, Adventure Sync can record your walking distances even when Pokémon GO isn’t launched, working in the background to tally your distance, earn Candy, and hatch Eggs. Better still, trainers can earn Adventure Sync rewards every week based on their walking progress. You […]

Firewall Ultra review: A solid first-person shooter on PSVR2 that shows promise

Bookmark Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Call of Duty fans finally have a realistic first-person shooter worth playing on the PSVR2. But as decent as Firewall Ultra is, it is far too thin on content and not quite the game-changing virtual reality shooter we are all looking for. This is a multiplayer […]

Read Dead Online Arrowhead Locations: All Madam Nazar Arrowhead collectibles

Bookmark Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Attention all explorers, there are many collectibles to uncover in Red Dead Online – and we’re here to help you. After the Frontier Pursuits update last summer, players were treated to the opportunity to find hundreds of collectibles. When you take the role as the Collector, […]

Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game that offers years of co-op fun

Microsoft has delivered a cracker here. This is the best Minecraft game since, well Minecraft. Where the last spin-off title Dungeons was a decent little action adventure game, Legends builds on that whilst also bringing into the fray the best elements of the original block builder. What you get is an action-strategy title that’s built […]

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR is a one-trick-pony PS5 horror rollercoaster

Virtual reality fans have been blessed recently thanks to the PSVR2. The new console-based headset is a joy to use and already boasts a decent library with hits like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Moss and Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge. And horror fans can now enjoy this rather odd new title from […]

GTA 5 Online Casino Chips Cooldown: How long do you have to wait to buy more?

Bookmark We have more newsletters Rockstar Games and GTA 5 released the games brand new Casino Update earlier this week. This massive new expansion to the game has added plenty in terms of new missions, cars, secret collectibles and much more besides. But it's all focussed around the newly rebuilt Diamond Casino & Resort. And […]

Dave the Diver Review – A Refreshing Departure – Game Informer

Like a beautiful and unusual fish that has suddenly risen to the surface, Dave the Diver is an unexpected surprise. Juggling two core systems that work in tandem, it’s a game that excels as both an exploration experience and as a management sim and does so in ways that are intuitive and easy to pick […]