First Mortal Kombat movie photos: Sub-Zero, Jax, Sonya, and Liu Kang revealed

The years-in-the-making Mortal Kombat movie reboot is almost here. On Friday, Warner Bros. revealed the first images of director Simon McQuoid’s upcoming film, which is slated to hit movie theaters and HBO Max in April. It’s our first look at iconic Mortal Kombat characters Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya, and Kano, and […]

Rokid Unveils Stylish ‘Vision 2’ Mixed Reality Glasses

It’s been a big week for tech thanks to CES 2021 and to bring it to a close Chinese augmented reality (AR) company Rokid has revealed its latest device, the Rokid Vision 2. Like its previous mixed reality (MR) products, Rokid has created a set of lightweight glasses which use optical waveguide technology – similar […]

Persona 5 Strikers has a lot of Persona DNA

Persona 5 Strikers opens with a thief on the run, just like Persona 5. Joker, the game’s protagonist, nimbly jumps across a building in Persona 5 Strikers’ first cutscene. He’s in the Metaverse, a mirror dimension in the world of Persona where humans’ true desires are made manifest. When Joker encounters a Shadow, he dives […]

Haru Said ACAB In Persona 5 Strikers

Haru Okumura is widely regarded as one of the least intriguing members of Persona 5’s Phantom Thieves. I reckon the main reason for this is the fact that she appears far later in the narrative than the rest of the squad, meaning that other characters have near-completed arcs before hers even starts. What’s more, her […]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Genuinely Incredible For Old-School Players

I’ve beaten Halo 3 about six times since I downloaded Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I’ve also completed the previous two games a couple of times each, and have dipped into Reach and ODST for the first time since they originally launched. Although I had very fond memories of the series, I now realize that […]

Musician Performs Mournful Song About PS5 Shortages

The PlayStation 5 has been nigh impossible to come by, and it’s left many gamers in an emotional state. Each announcement of a new restock fills us with hope only to have that light extinguished in a matter of minutes or even seconds thanks to how quickly the systems get snatched up (thanks in no […]

Synthwave Essentials 2 DLC Adds Muse to Synth Riders Today

Just before Christmas Kluge Interactive announced that it would be bringing British rockers Muse to rhythm action title Synth Riders. That DLC arrives today, alongside free songs as well as a unique visual experience for Muse’s Algorithm. Kluge Interactive has revealed the five songs from Muse which are all paid DLC content and the three […]

Make Ahsoka Tano The Protagonist Of The Ubisoft Star Wars Game, You Cowards

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Togruta woman named Ahsoka Tano joined the Jedi Order as a Padawan under a young Anakin Skywalker. She later exposed said Order for its systemic failures – it wrongfully accused her of bombing a hangar – and became the head of intelligence in a […]