Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Action Figures Hint At Gunplay In The Sequel

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the highly anticipated sequel to Fallen Order that brings back Cal Kestis likely in a Jedi Knight role. The game doesn’t have a release date yet and was only shown once in a trailer, but will soon get its first action figure. Hasbro just revealed a six-inch Black Series action […]

Live A Live Review – Sizzling Short Stories – Game Informer

I went into Live A Live expecting the time-capsule experience of unearthing a long-lost Super Nintendo RPG from Takashi Tokita, one of the creators of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV – two of the best games ever made. Even with Live A Live’s design roots stretching back to 1994, little about it feels classic. […]

Saints Row Preview – A Day In The Wilder West – Game Informer

Boisterous business discussions and the clanking of silverware ring out from the crowded patio of a corner restaurant in the heart of Champaign, Illinois, a small college town two hours south of Chicago. Lording over these hungry patrons is the stoic face of Deep Silver Volition. The studio’s logo hangs a few stories above the […]

These Stray-Branded Accessories Let You Transport Your Cat With Futuristic Flair

Stray’s launch is just around the corner, and cat-lovers everywhere have another reason to get excited. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has partnered with cat Travel Cat, a brand of cat travel accessories, to unveil an official line of Stray-branded cat harnesses and backpacks for your real-life kitty. First up is the harness, a replica of the […]

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review – Harrowing Hunts – Game Informer

Monster Hunter Rise was one of my favorite games from 2021. I played dozens of hours on Switch and, in preparation for this review, gladly worked through the required Hub quests to make sure I was ready to dive straight into Sunbreak. Capcom’s new expansion is a great time for existing hunters with fun new […]

Overwatch 2 Preview – Overwatch 2 Free-To-Play Content-Release Methods And Seasonal Schedule Revealed – Game Informer

We’ve been hearing about Overwatch 2 since 2019, but nearly three years later, the game still hasn’t been released. Through tumultuous development and terrible company-culture news out of Activision Blizzard, the Overwatch 2 development team has continued working on the game. As revealed on Sunday, the competitive multiplayer component will launch into early access on October […]

Redfall Preview – First Details On How You Take Back The City – Game Informer

As much as I want Arkane Studios to return to the Dishonored series, this talented developer repeatedly shows it may be better off exploring new ventures. Prey and Deathloop support this theory with thunderous success, and the studio’s next experiment, Redfall, looks just as promising. I recently sat down with Arkane Austin’s studio director, Harvey […]

Metal: Hellsinger Preview – Going On Rhythmic Rampages – Game Informer

The very concept of Metal: Hellsinger appeals to me from the first note: Slay demons in a modern Doom-style first-person shooter to the beat of newly recorded tracks from some big names in rock and metal. As someone who grew up playing the original Doom and loves the modern iterations of the franchise, and has […]