I want to skip ahead to all games having both cross-save and cross-play

The gaming industry is in an incredibly awkward place right now, stuck between the old system of selling hardware by pushing exclusives, and the new reality of players expecting their entertainment to travel with them across different platforms. Today, the walls between the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC gaming ecosystems have never been thinner, but […]

Feeling the Scenic Burn With VZfit

I’ve always wanted to explore more of Scotland. It isn’t that far away and I’ve only visited as far north as Glasgow, so there’s a whole Highlands adventure to be had. The need to get out and about has never weighed heavier than it has recently and I‘m sure many of you have already decided […]

How Mortal Kombat invented the ESRB

During a joint hearing before two Senate committees in 1993, Sen. Joe Lieberman called for a bulky TV to be wheeled in so he could show a video excerpt to illustrate a point. It was a brutal scene from Mortal Kombat — blood splattering from Sonia’s head before Kano rips out her heart. In a […]

Resident Evil Village Preview – A Supernatural Gut Punch That Horror Fans Will Love

Ethan Winters: The man with the worst luck in the entire world. Following the murder of his wife, Mia, and the disappearance of his daughter Rose, Resident Evil Village’s protagonist hits the ground running in the most terrible way imaginable. Waking up following an accident in a strange village, Ethan quickly finds out that there is […]

New Pokemon Snap May Not Feature A Full ‘Dex, But It Picked Its Pokemon Right

We’ve heard it a million times before – eejits moaning about how Pokemon ditched the National Dex despite the fact that doing so was an obviously necessary concession for the host of new features we’ve seen implemented over the last few years. New Pokemon Snap takes these cuts to a new level, and for good […]

My Favorite Part Of Oblivion Was The Arena, And It Should Return In The Elder Scrolls 6

“Good people of the Imperial City!” bellows the announcer, the gravel in his throat rising as he addresses the cardboard cutout crowd, “Welcome to the Arena! It looks like the Yellow Team has pulled a fast one by replacing their combatant with three Argonian prisoners… This should be interesting!” The gate slides down, creaking until the metallic […]

I’m Jealous Of The Homes In Temtem

I’ve finally stopped sleeping on Temtem. It passed me by last year, but since coming to PS5 this January, I’ve had my eye on it. While waiting on the 1.3 patch of Disco Elysium, I finally downloaded it and gave it a try. If you’re on the fence like I was, I advise you to […]

Ten Years On, Game Of Thrones’ First Season Is Still The Gold Standard

I love lists. I love ranking my favourite games, albums, films, TV shows… you name it. Mass Effect 2, Red, Lost In Translation, and The Simpsons, for the record. Of all the pop culture things I’d consider to be in my ‘best of’ lists though, the one I struggle with the most is Game of […]

Wanderhome is a Redwall-inspired RPG that arms players with dialogue, not daggers

“You wield the blade that must never be drawn.” This is the first line in playbook for The Veteran, one of 15 classes in the highly-anticipated new tabletop RPG, Wanderhome. Created by independent designer Jay Dragon, on the surface it’s a pastoral fantasy perfect for adventurers who want to dangle their furry toes in the […]

Spin up Pioneer’s Flagship CDJ Turntables and Learn to DJ in Tribe XR

Tribe XR has been at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) and music, enabling both beginners and experts to DJ in VR and stream it to the world. Today, the app is taking a step further thanks to a new partnership with AlphaTheta Corporation, bringing the world-renown Pioneer DJ brand into Tribe XR. For the […]