The Biggest Gaming News For January 16, 2022

Some big stories popped up in the news today. This time around we have everything from game rebalancing to massive amounts of money being passed around in some recent developments on earlier events. We also have the usual drama surrounding NFTs and everything related to them. Let’s dive right into the details. Content Creators Are […]

Cyberpunk 2077’s Best Characters Have Nothing Cyberpunk About Them

I didn't expect to still be writing about Cyberpunk 2077. Or at least, if you'd told me ahead of the game's launch that I'd be writing about it in January 2022, I would have expected it to be on the second or third DLC pack, after the base game and subsequent next gen versions broke […]

Pokemon, Stop Letting Regional Variants Keep Their Original Typing

Recently, I wrote to Nintendo itself (or published an article on TheGamer, whatever, we all know Bowser has us bookmarked) imploring it to stop giving Gen 1 Pokemon regional variants. Gen 1 is by far the most popular generation, and with variants supposed to be the second chance saloon, it didn't make sense for the […]

A Non-Combat Horizon Game Would Be Incredible

A new Horizon game is on the… um. Well. Anyway, it’ll be here soon, and at an unspecified date in the future, Horizon could also deliver VR’s Breath of the Wild moment. Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success, and convinced Sony to bet the farm on it for the PS5 generation. It has done […]

The VR Drop: Shoot First, Don’t Ask Questions Later

As we begin to settle into the new year and look forward to what 2022 could bring virtual reality (VR) developers continue to ensure there’s never a boring moment where gaming is concerned. Next week features a superb variety of immersive titles across PC VR and Quest, especially if you enjoy shooting stuff in VR. […]

Dark Depths Is Apex Legends’ Worst Event Yet

Apex Legends events can be hit and miss. Sometimes there are exciting Town Takeovers and map-changing updates, and sometimes there are recycled LTMs like Shadow Royale which get a little dull. And then there’s War Games, which was grand in scope but half of the Limited Time Modes were canceled due to technical issues (we […]

Pokemon Legends Arceus Better Not Be Filled With Fetch Quests

Nintendo has released an extensive new trailer of Pokemon Legends Arceus. It’s our biggest look yet at a game that still remains shrouded in mystery, which is a big deal considering it is now only two weeks away from launch. However, now we have a relatively solid idea of how exploration, combat, questing, and other […]

God Of War Review – Reaching A Higher Summit

In gruff moments of fatherly instruction, Kratos repeats the phrase “be better” to his son, Atreus. This happens in different contexts, but the lesson remains consistent: Your decisions are not bound by precedent, and the choices of others are not examples to follow – they only set standards you can strive to exceed. In developing […]