Goldenboy leaks possible Overwatch 2 release in 2020

In an episode of The Four Heads podcast, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez states that Overwatch 2 is releasing at the end of this year. This is in line with other speculation about the game’s release date. In The Four Heads podcast, Goldenboy is discussing Riot Games’ upcoming shooter, Valorant, with Brennon “BrenCasts” Hook, Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson […]

Gambit topple Alliance to go unbeaten into the Minor playoffs

StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 continued today with Group B also finding its first team to make it into the playoffs, after Team Aster secured the Group A first seed spot. Technically Group B could have been considered the tougher of the two with Alliance, Gambit Esports, CR4ZY and NoPing e-sports all fighting […]

Former Brazilian Counter-Strike Pro Receives 116-Year Sentence for Fraud

Shayene Victorio, aka “shAy,” made quite a name for herself in the Professional Brazilian Counter-Strike circuit. However, that building reputation is currently in a massive amount of flux. Reports have come forward, originally dropping on ESPN, that the former Brazilian pro has been issued a devastatingly harsh 116-year prison sentence in the wake of fraud […]

Serge Vardanyan on WINNERS League, the changing CS:GO landscape

The competitive landscape for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has changed, with two major tournament organisers going head-to-head in a war of exclusivity. ESL Pro League has locked in 13 major teams, whereas FLASHPOINT – operated by FACEIT – has drafted in six teams to co-own the league for a $2 million (£1.55 million) price tag each. […]

Afreeca Freecs score major upset against T1

Korea’s LCK is getting more competitive by the day with the top four teams in the league closing in on each other. Afreeca Freecs earned their place at the top today with an upset win over T1.  T1 had previously looked like the best League of Legends team in Korea alongside Gen.G. But after uncharacteristically […]

FanAI Hires Sports Marketing Valuation Veterans Adam Holt and Jeff Katz

Sponsorship data platform FanAI has hired Jeff Katz as chief product & strategy officer and Adam Holt as senior vice president of sales. The additions of Katz and Holt fuels FanAI’s growth strategy as the company expands its offerings beyond esports to traditional sports and brands, which taps into a $65B USD global sponsorship market. […]

MotoGP eSport Championship partners with Oakley

The MotoGP eSport Championship has brought in North American lifestyle brand Oakley as a partner for the 2020 season. Online qualification for the 2020 season begins on March 5th, with players competing in a number of online challenges to secure a place in the draft. RELATED: MotoGP eSport Championship enters multi-year deal with Lenovo The […]

Faker is the first player in history to reach 2000 kills in Korea’s LCK

T1’s Faker, aka the Unkillable Demon King, the final boss, the best of the best, the greatest League of Legends player of all time, scored his 2000th kill in Korea’s LCK today, adding yet another achievement to his ever-growing resume.  He took down Afreeca Freecs support player Son “Jelly” Ho-gyeong with a stray Zoe E, […]

Spirit of Competition, the Hearthstone six-year anniversary event, is here

It has already been six years since Hearthstone first released its open beta on March 11, 2014. To celebrate what the game has evolved into since, Blizzard has revealed several aspects of its Hearthstone anniversary event, Spirit of Competition. Included in the event are the return of several Tavern brawls, free packs, and much more […]