Risk Of Rain 2 Gets Big Console Update Today, New PC Features Soon

The roguelike Risk of Rain 2 is getting a pair of big updates–one today on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and the other later this month on PC. The Hidden Realms update catches the console versions up with the PC update that’s been out since December. At the end of March, the PC version […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Companion App Service Is Now Live

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ companion service, NookLink, has gone live for smartphone users. NookLink is accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The service offers a handful of helpful features. Among other things, you can […]

Doom Eternal Mars Core: Mission 7 Walkthrough And Tips

Below you can find a walkthrough detailing how to get through Doom Eternal’s seventh mission: Mars Core. It’s a shorter one than some of the previous missions, but keep your guard up, as there are some powerful foes to face. Fortunately, you get your hands on some new firepower to finish the job! For walkthroughs […]

Award-winning board game Wingspan is coming to Nintendo Switch

Elizabeth Hargrave’s award-winning board game Wingspan is headed to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made today during the Nintendo Indie World livestream. A version is also in development for PC, and will be sold via Steam. You can also play the game right now on Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. Wingspan is a card-driven game about […]

Nintendo and Lego team up for Lego Super Mario

Nintendo and the Lego Group are teaming up to make a new line of Lego toys based on the Super Mario franchise. Nintendo teased the collaboration on Tuesday — a day it calls Mario Day, because it’s March 10 — on Twitter, offering a frustratingly short preview of what’s to come. “Something fun is being […]

Nintendo celebrates Mario Day with $20 off Switch games

Tuesday, March 10 is Mario Day, a made-up holiday celebrating everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber. (Why March 10? Because MAR10.) In recent years, Nintendo has marked the occasion with deals on games featuring Mario himself. In addition to Target, which announced its Mario Day deals in its weekly ad, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, and Best Buy are […]

Breath of the Wild turns 3, inspiring a new wave of Twitter fandom

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild turns three years old today, but fans aren’t ready to stop celebrating the game quite yet. There’s a sequel on the horizon, with a short-haired Zelda and a dehydrated Ganon, but we don’t have much in the way of details quite yet. With Breath of the Wild […]