Elden Ring sold me on the FromSoftware fan experience

I went into Elden Ring a bumbling yet earnest rookie. I cleared out Stormveil Castle after much death and despair; so I set out to adventure, and shortly found myself atop a tower, next to a chest. Someone who had come here before me had helpfully left a message: treasure ahead! I opened the chest, […]

EA Sports and FIFA are breaking up after 30 years

Electronic Arts announced Tuesday that this fall’s planned FIFA 23 will be the last title, in a nearly 30-year run, to carry the branding of world football’s governing body. Beginning in July 2023, EA Sports’ soccer flagship will be called EA Sports FC. “The introduction of EA SPORTS FC will not impact any current EA […]

Lego’s take on Smash Bros. will hit consoles this summer

The latest franchise to get the Super Smash Bros.-style experience is Lego — except, instead of pitting familiar characters against each other, Lego Brawls lets you build your own. Now, technically, this game isn’t new. It’s actually a port of a mobile game from 2019, which was an Apple Arcade exclusive. But the upcoming port […]

PlayStation Plus’ new Premium tier means more work for some game developers

Sony will require some PlayStation game developers to create trial versions of their games as part of changes coming to its PlayStation Plus subscription service, according to a new report from Game Developer. Those trial versions will reportedly be required to last at least two hours long, if the game being sold costs $34 or […]

Here’s every new Star Wars game in development

The number of new Star Wars video games in development has exploded since publisher Electronic Arts’ exclusive access to the Lucasfilm franchise has run its course. There are at least eight major Star Wars games in the works, likely with more to be announced in the coming months and years. Those video game projects join […]

F1 22 promises more glitz and glamour as fans worry it means microtransactions

When it launches July 1, F1 22 will lean into the fast and flashy lifestyle that Formula One fans have seen over four seasons of Netflix’s popular documentary Formula 1: Drive to Survive. But some fans are wary that that means battle pass bling and microtransactions more than a new mode or an expansion of […]

New Saints Row’s character creator goes incredibly hard

The new, rebooted Saints Row is cranking character creation to 11. Developer Volition revealed a new look at customization of players’ Boss characters and the cars (and street-legal pirate ships) they’ll control in the upcoming game on Wednesday, and it’s… a lot. Volition is taking everything about customization to the new extremes, with wild and […]

Overwatch 2 massively reworks Orisa and Doomfist (who’s a tank now)

Overwatch 2 is making some big changes to the team shooter, including reducing team sizes from six to five. With this new composition, tanks are more important than ever; each team will have two support heroes and two damage heroes, and tanks are tasked with protecting them all. There are two major hero reworks coming […]

Sega’s Sonic Origins retro collection coming this June

Sega’s Sonic Origins collection will bring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD to current gaming platforms on June 23, the publisher announced Wednesday. (That’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s canonical birthday, if you want to get him a gift card.) Sonic Origins will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch, […]

A warning to Elden Ring players: Don’t pick up dropped undies

Elden Ring players can leave each other gifts in the game’s multiplayer component. Sometimes that’s a sweet piece of equipment or a powerful sword. Other times, however, it’s a pair of underwear that will get you banned. The underpants in question are the infamous hacked drawers known as Deathbed Smalls. Basically, if you find a […]