Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On Resident Evil 3’s Resistance Mode

Resident Evil has traditionally been a survival-horror franchise with a focus on moody isolation, which runs counter to the idea of online multiplayer modes. However, Resident Evil 3 includes an online asymmetrical 4v1 mode called Resistance that actually does a stellar job capturing the horror inherent in the series. In Resistance, a group of four […]

Why Gears Tactics Might Have What It Takes To Compete With XCOM

Gears Tactics was announced at E3 2018 alongside Gears 5 and the Funko-branded Gears Pop! It almost seemed like a joke to pull the Gears franchise in so many disparate directions, but the more we’ve seen of Gears Tactics, the less we’re laughing. Not only is Microsoft taking this entry into tactical strategy very seriously, […]

Become A Fishing Master In New Horizons By Closing Your Eyes (Seriously, It Works)

It might sound crazy, but try closing your eyes the next time you go fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Oddly enough, you’ll probably catch more fish — and most of the internet agrees that the unorthodox technique works. A recent thread on Reddit pointed out the benefits of “blind fishing.” When you cast your […]

Medical masks are one of Animal Crossing’s hottest looks

The public narrative around Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that the slice-of-life game couldn’t come at a better time. With folks cooped up inside to avoid COVID-19, and the trashfire state of the world, having a calming game is more than an escape. It’s a godsend. And sure, Animal Crossing does appear to be breaking […]

Arriving Today is Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC for Oculus Quest

Vertigo Games ported its zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine to Oculus Quest in December 2019 following that up with free content updates for the last few months. Today sees the first of the paid-for DLC packs arrive, offering players the Dead Man storyline. The Arizona Sunshine – Dead Man DLC narrative is a prequel where you play as Dockson, a US Army […]

FIFA 20 Division Rivals Rewards Time: When do rewards reset, how to claim?

FIFA 20 has been out for well over a week and as players become more confident they might start exploring more of the game and it's many features. After all, there's much more to FIFA 20 than Career Mode, Ultimate Team or even the new Volta mode. Thankfully, fan-favourite Division Rivals mode returns, and if […]

One Step From Eden Review: The Battle Network Game You’ve Been Waiting For

One Step From Eden is a roguelike spiritual successor to the Mega Man Battle Network series on the Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS. Thomas Moon Kang, the solo developer of One Step From Eden, has said that the game uses the Battle Network combat system because he’s been searching for that style of combat since the series ended. Eden does an […]

5 Icons That Still Need Fortnite Skins

Fortnite‘s hype might have died down somewhat over the course of the past few months, but it is still a cultural phenomenon. During the relatively short time it has been around, Fortnite has managed to infiltrate the mainstream unlike any game that has come before it. Its emotes have been used by athletes to celebrate […]

Sony Patents "Direct Gameplay" (Here’s What It Means)

A recently-published patent shows that, back in 2018, Sony patented something called “Direct Gameplay,” which sounds so utterly vague that it could mean anything. Thankfully, there’s more information available than just the title, and if you can wade your way through the patent, you’ll notice that it describes some pretty exciting ideas that Sony has for its brand-new […]

Exclusive Impressions Of Carlos In Resident Evil 3

Jill is the main star in Capcom’s upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, but she’s not the only survivor you control throughout the game. Carlos Oliveira is a UBCS’s heavy weapons specialist who meets Jill early on, and he becomes an integral part of the story. Since Carlos is working for Umbrella, Jill initially distrusts […]