Overhaul raises $17.5 million to apply AI to supply chain management

Supply chain integrity platform provider Overhaul today announced that it’s raised $17.5 million, which CEO Barry Conlon said will be used to bolster its product offerings and grow its Austin-based team as well as its European headquarters in Ireland. It’ll also fuel the development of AI products to predict supply chain disruptions and recommend resolutions, […]

Facebook AI’s ‘other-play’ algorithm could improve autonomous vehicle performance

A team of Facebook AI Research researchers recently developed an algorithm — other-play (OP) — that constructs strategies that achieve high returns with agents that weren’t trained with other agents (a form of zero-shot coordination). If the claims pan out, the work could greatly improve the performance of autonomous cars, which leverage zero-shot coordination to […]

Facebook AI Researchers Found A Way To Give Quest More GPU Power

Facebook Researchers seem to have figured out a way to use machine learning to essentially give Oculus Quest apps 67% more GPU power to work with. However, Facebook informs us this is “purely research” (for now). The Oculus Quest is a standalone headset, which means the computing hardware is inside the device itself. Because of […]

Researchers’ state-of-the-art AI upscales and enhances videos

In a preprint paper published on the web this week, researchers affiliated with Microsoft Research Asia and the University of Science and Technology of China propose what they claim is a state-of-the-art AI technique for video enhancement and upscaling (i.e., boosting the resolution of footage while retaining quality). Their model (and others like it) could […]

The best 1440p graphics card for PC gaming

Most people play on 1080p monitors and aspire to game in 4K, but here in 2019, 2560×1440 resolution is the PC gaming sweet spot. 1440p provides a big leap in visual fidelity over 1080p, yet it won’t melt your graphics card as ferociously as a 4K display. Picking the best 1440p graphics card can be […]

AI, AI, Captain! How the Mayflower Autonomous Ship will cross the Atlantic

While self-driving cars have hogged the headlines for the past few years, other forms of autonomous transport are starting to heat up. This month, IBM and Promare — a U.K.-based marine research and exploration charity — will trial a prototype of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered maritime navigation system ahead of a September 16th venture to send […]

The best 1080p graphics card for PC gaming

Sure, 4K and ultrawide-resolution monitors may dominate headlines, but most PC gamers play at 1080p resolution or below, according to the Steam Hardware Survey. And what a time it is to be gaming at HD! You used to have to spend around $250 to $300 to pick up a decent 1080p graphics card. These days, […]

Podcast: Solving AI’s black box problem

What happens when you don’t know why a smart system made a specific decision? AI’s infamous black box system is a big problem, whether you’re an engineer debugging a system or a person wondering why a facial-recognition unlock system doesn’t perform as accurately on you as it does on others. In this episode of the […]