Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: How has the pandemic changed gaming?

GameCentral readers describe how their video game habits have changed over the course of the year and during lockdown. The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Cray, who asked how the coronavirus pandemic has changed how you play games this year. Since the start of lockdown in March how has your […]

5 companies Xbox should’ve bought rather than Bethesda – Reader's Feature

A reader thinks there are many more useful companies Microsoft could’ve bought than Bethesda, including Sega and Moon Studios. I’ve had plenty of time to digest the news that Microsoft paid $7.5 billion for Bethesda and… nope, I still don’t get it. The only two games of theirs that sell really big are Fallout and […]

New Legend Horizon Stranded in Space in Latest Apex Legends Teaser Video

Apex Legends has released another Season 7 teaser video, with the latest showing suspected new legend Horizon seemingly stranded in space. The 33-second video was released yesterday on Twitter, spanning longer than the previous seven and ten-second teasers. While the last two teasers’ origins were listed as “unknown,” this one confirms Dr. Mary Somers’ appearance. […]

FrankenQuest 2 Is The Most Comfortable Way To Use Quest 2

Facebook upped its comfort game with the Oculus Quest 2, offering not one but two premium straps for its new headset. For my money, though the best Quest 2 strap still comes from an unlikely source: HTC Vive. That’s right; FrankenQuest 2 has been given life. If you’re not familiar with this rather brilliant brand […]

How To Evolve Tyrunt In Pokemon Sword And Shield Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield is now available, and it has brought cut Pokemon back into the series. Here is how to evolve Tyrunt in the Crown Tundra DLC. Fossil Pokemon have been around since the days of Pokemon Red & Blue, but it took a long time for a T-Rex […]

Snoop Dogg Has An Xbox Series X Fridge Loaded With Gin And Juice

When the Xbox Series X was first announced, the memes began almost immediately. Its design resembles a PC tower, or at least that appears to be Microsoft’s goal, but it also looks like a refrigerator. The company has fully leaned into the joke, however, and presented Snoop Dogg with a working Xbox Series X fridge. […]

Gaming Detail: Minecraft’s Pandas Love Cake

Just like in real life, pandas in Minecraft love eating cake! Just kidding, real-life pandas probably don’t eat cake, and even if they did it would probably be something lame like bamboo cake. But now, armed with this new knowledge, we can safely say that Minecraft pandas are on a different level of cute that surpasses that […]

FIFA 21: Mit der Sniping-Methode Münzen verdienen – So gehts! –

Erfahrene Ultimate Team Spieler nutzen Sniping um sich an An- und Verkäufen von Spielern zu bereichern! Wie das Ganze funktioniert und auf was ihr achten müsst, seht ihr hier! Das sogenannte “Sniping” ist eine beliebte Trading-Methode auf dem FIFA-Transfermarkt. Im Prinzip filtert man nach niedrigen Sofortpreisen eines beliebigen Spielers und verkauft diesen dann teurer weiter. […]

3 Simple Reasons Mortal Kombat Remains A Perfect Video Game Movie

It’s the summer of 1995. I anxiously fidget in a movie theater seat alongside my parents and equally excited brother for what was sure to be the singular defining cinematic event of my young life. Mortal Kombat, the film based on my favorite fighting game, was about to bombard my senses with assured awesomeness. I […]