VALORANT agent Omen is the name of a scrapped League of Legends champion

Riot Games’ long-awaited first-person shooter, VALORANT, was revealed today along with all of its agents and weaponry. One agent is a secretive hunter named Omen. But his name was actually going to be used for a now-scrapped League of Legends champion. In VALORANT, Omen is a character that uses teleportation and shadows to outplay his […]

Every Legendary cosmetic item in the Apex Legends System Override event

The System Override event in Apex Legends is now live for all players and systems. The update’s download size is around 18 GB, which is a bit hefty. However, Respawn has stated that this size ensures future updates won’t be as beefy in terms of size. This event is highly-anticipated, as it introduces new gameplay […]

Overwatch: Munchkin Leaves Boston Uprising

Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon, DPS player for Boston Uprising, decided to leave the team. He is joining Lucky Future to compete in Overwatch Contenders: Korea. The Overwatch League started only a month ago, and Boston Uprising have already signed the first roster move of the season. Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon, the third DPS player of the team […]

Insurance and Blockchain – Pair Made in Heaven?

Since the first collective funds organized to protect Chinese trading ships, the insurance industry hasn’t changed too much. New processes and models emerged, digital tools appeared, and people started talking about focus on customers. Actually, that’s it. Underwriters are still pretty conservative as they tend to implement innovations slowly. Even cloud databases/processing tools aren’t fully […]

Editorial: SideQuest Is The Beta Channel Oculus Quest Needed

The generally positive reception for Oculus Quest in its first year has been helped in subtle but significant ways by the existence of SideQuest. This is a tricky position to take because Facebook won’t share how many Quests sold and the majority of Quest owners likely don’t even know SideQuest exists. Given these conditions, how […]

DNA VR to Open Second London Location This April

London, UK has a varied selection of location-based entertainment (LBE) catering for virtual reality (VR) fans, from free-roaming experiences like Zero Latency to Mario Kart VR at the Namco Funscape centre. DNA VR was one of the first to open shop in the city, opening its Camden branch in 2017. Soon it’ll open its second location in Hammersmith. […]

The VR Job Hub: Staff Writer at VRFocus

No VRFocus hasn’t gone mad and moved the regular Sunday feature forward a couple of days by mistake (Sunday’s VR Job Hub will still go ahead as per usual), this is a special VR Job Hub as we’re hiring once again. Dedicated to covering the latest virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) […]

MSI Partners With UCLA To Get Student Athletes Geared Up

Gaming hardware specialist MSI, one of the largest and most trusted names is esports, has partnered with the University of California (UCLA) in a two-year agreement that will see the UCLA Esports teams outfitted with some of the best MSI hardware available, including esports-grade computers and monitors for all training and tournament events. Speaking about […]

Hellas Verona FC establishes esports division with Outplayed deal

Italian football club Hellas Verona FC has partnered with Outplayed Esports to launch its official esports division, Hellas Verona FC Esports.  Previously operating under the moniker Outplayed Euphoria, Hellas Verona FC Esports will compete in FIFA and eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer.  RELATED: ACF Fiorentina enters esports through Hexon partnership Hellas Verona FC Esports will compete in FIFA’s eSerie […]