Top 10 Shooters To Play Right Now

What makes a good shooter? Immediate answers might include punchy phrases/words like “gun feel” or “kit customization.” Even so, it’s hard to define the gratification that comes with securing that coveted victory in ranked multiplayer or surviving a seemingly never-ending onslaught in single-player horde mode. A good shooter tends to contain a smorgasbord of enticing […]

Top 10 Puzzle Games To Play Right Now

A good puzzle is one of the best things in life. Some are relaxing time-killers, while others test our skills in critical problem solving or quick mental gymnastics; both can be incredibly satisfying. Video games can elevate these head-scratching problems to new heights and complexities by immersing you in a setting, messing with concepts like […]

Top 10 Action Games To Play Right Now

Over the years, what defines a game as the “action” category has gotten more ambiguous than ever, as many games now include aspects of multiple core genres. However, one thing remains certain – games in this category give the player a polished, exciting experience. So, what is this list all about? This isn’t a Top […]

Top 10 Fighting Games To Play Right Now

Whether you’re looking for a traditional one-on-one 2D fighter, an arena brawler, a platform/party game, or a frantic tag-team affair, the current fighting game genre is diverse and action-packed. Want something balanced and geared for competition? Have friends over and want to play something accessible and approachable? Do you have a nostalgic itch to scratch or want to connect […]

Top 10 Adventure Games To Play Right Now

Far from describing a game with adventure in it (that would include a lot of games!), the adventure genre is loosely defined as one that emphasizes narrative and exploration over action, which may also rely on light puzzle mechanics. In other words, a game that doesn’t have enough simulation to be a sim, action to […]

Windows 10 PCs can now stream console games on the Xbox App

The Xbox App for Windows 10 PCs will now let players stream console games on their computer, thanks to an update that went live on Tuesday. The game streaming that the update enables will let Xbox Game Pass subscribers play games that their PCs otherwise might not have the specs to handle. According to Microsoft, […]

Top 10 RPGs To Play Right Now

If you’re playing an RPG, you’re in it for the long haul and want an experience that’s going to immerse you and keep you entertained the whole way through. A genre that is both familiar and constantly evolving, RPGs are often tasked with having the total package. The best ones contain all the key ingredients, […]

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games Worth Playing

There’s a widespread stigma attached to mobile titles that has pushed them to the bottom of the popularity charts for years … at least when compared to PC and console experiences. Of course, there are exceptions. Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans, for example, have proved games on the smallest screen are more than just microtransaction-heavy propaganda or […]

Apex Legends’ season 10 trailer shows the newly destroyed World’s Edge map

World’s Edge is getting a massive makeover in Apex Legends’ newest season. Respawn Entertainment released a trailer on Monday to show off the newly destroyed version of the map along with some of the other features of the Apex Legends season 10: Emergence, including Seer, the game’s new Legend, and the new Rampage weapon. World’s […]

10 Best Legend Of Zelda Mods To Dive Into Before Breath Of The Wild 2

With modders porting a variety of Legend of Zelda titles over to PC, the modding possibilities are endless. You can go the funny route and add Shrek to your game in Breath of the Wild, or you can go the serious route and enjoy a stunning Zelda 64 experience. Whatever your fancy, there’s a mod […]