Outriders – Review In Progress

Review codes for Outriders went out a day before launch, so I haven’t been able to explore every nook and cranny of People Can Fly’s cooperative shooter/RPG, but from what I have played, I can say I’m enjoying my time with it immensely. This game is chaos in the best possible way, evoking thoughts of games […]

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Definitive Edition Coming Over To Nintendo Switch This May

Ruby Rose and friends are all set to slash their way to the small screen, Nintendo-style. Aspyr and Rooster Teeth are releasing RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch this May. Dubbed a two-player couch co-op experience, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Definitive Edition comes with three years’ worth of updated content and […]

Hopscotch And Dropkicks – Valheim’s Movement Animations Are Hilarious

If you had to describe a Viking climbing up a ladder, what would you say? I reckon they’d probably look like they’re moving a bit slow, right, but they’re actually just doing three rungs at a time, lurching back to gain extra leverage every time they propel their hand up to a seemingly unreachable height. […]

Shattered – Tale Of The Forgotten King Review: Easy To Forget

It’s starting to feel like every indie game developer gathered together one day and decided that all future games have to be like Dark Souls. The amount of Soulslikes that continue to clog up online gaming storefronts is staggering. To be fair, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since some of them are quite good. […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – A Complete Guide

Once upon a time, Geralt of Rivia set out on a journey. This journey would change his destiny forever, or maybe just made him realize what it was all along. Likewise, his journey changed the course of developer CD Projekt Red’s future. The studio became one of the more revered names in gaming, for better […]

Population: One Livestream – Pre-Season 1 Warm-Up Live!

Population: One Season 1 is fast approaching, and we’re readying ourselves with today’s pre-season livestream at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT! After a very strong start for VR’s newest battle royale shooter developer BigBox will finally get its seasonal content plans underway on February 25th. Before then we’re warming up our shooting arms in time for the […]