Dota 2: Queen Of Pain Tips And Tricks

Queen Of Pain has long been a popular Dota 2 hero. She brings everything necessary to win a game, which is what makes her so strong. This ranged intelligence hero is extremely mobile and prefers the Midlane role to others. Her high mobility enables her to join her allies in sidelanes and kill enemies, easing the […]

Psychonauts 2 Store Page Now Live On Xbox With New Screenshots

It’s been a really long time coming for Psychonauts 2, with developer Double Fine having delayed the game multiple times since 2017. But now we can say with confidence that the sequel to 2005’s hit adventure platformer is landing this year. More good news comes in the form of the game’s Microsoft Store page going live yesterday. With […]

Titanfall 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend On Steam, So You Really Have No Excuse

Alright, now you have no excuses. Titanfall 2 has gone from great, to great and cheap, and now it’s both great and FREE. That’s right: Titanfall 2 is now free to play on Steam for this weekend only. Respawn Entertainment made the official announcement on Twitter stating that Titanfall 2 is having a free-to-play weekend […]

Population: One Season 2 Launches In May

Population: One Season 2 is coming in May and carries a Western theme. Developer Big Box dropped a teaser for the game on Twitter earlier today. The short clip for Season 2: The Frontier suggests several new additions to the game. Firstly there’s a train complete with a station, onto which a player sporting a […]

Oculus Quest 2 Now Has A Higher Quality Hand Tracking Mode

Oculus Quest 2 developers can now enable a new ‘High Frequency Hand Tracking’ mode in their apps, increasing the tracking rate from 30 Hz to 60 Hz. Facebook claims the mode increases hand tracking quality, as well as reducing its end-to-end latency by 10%. Its internal ‘Strike Team’ enabled the new mode in the Tiny […]

Titanfall 2 Player Count Up By 750% On Steam

Titanfall 2 took the wall-run-and-gun formula that made the first title so special and bolstered it with deeper multiplayer customization options and a fun single-player story mode. Despite its age, the sequel has remained popular in no small part due to Apex Legends’ continuous success. When Respawn Entertainment’s surprise battle royale dropped in early 2019, […]

Stalker 2 Actor Hints The Game "May Be Coming By Winter"

Stalker 2 developers from the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World occasionally tease that “2021 is a very important year for the project,” though the game has never officially received a more specific release window. Now, a Stalker 2 voice actor hinted that the project “may be coming by winter” on PC and Xbox Series X|S. The […]

The Last Of Us Part 2 Is The First Game To Have 300 Game Of The Year Awards

According to online tracker, The Last of Us Part 2 is the first game to ever receive 300 Game of the Year awards, making it the most awarded game in history. The online tracker looks at Game of the Year awards from both media outlets and reader’s choice awards, and with the combination of […]

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is currently free to play, and will continue to be until this Sunday, 25 April at 22:00 CEST. The first-person hack-and-slash action game from developer Fatshark was released in 2018, and has clearly been a hit amongst Warhammer fans with overall very positive player reviews on Steam and a solid 82% according to Metacritic. Its […]