Meet Dota 2's New Hero: Dawnbreaker

Have hammer, will smash. That’s not the official catchphrase of the new Dota 2 hero but it definitely should be. Meet Dawnbreaker, the latest hero to arrive in the MOBA Dota 2. She comes at the perfect time with the Dota anime making its Netflix debut just last month.  A new update has gone live […]

Stalker 2’s Custom Teeth Tool Gives Each NPC A One Of A Kind Smile

GSC Game World has released a new development update for Stalker 2. The video highlights a number features from the upcoming survival horror shooter. Faction costumes, weapon models, as well as some unexpected custom teeth tools for in-game NPCs were shown off. Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of gameplay. GSC Game World PR manager Zakhar Bocharov […]

Destiny 2’s Future Raids And Dungeons Will Get Master Difficulty, Bungie Confirms

Raids are one of the key selling points for Destiny 2. With every expansion, Bungie tends to introduce a brand-new raid in Destiny 2 that ties with the expansion’s storyline. Last year, Bungie revealed another endgame pinnacle activity – Dungeons. Dungeons in Destiny 2 have their own unique mechanics, locations, and storyline. Compared to the raids, […]

Don’t Sleep On Destiny 2’s New Elemental Well Mods

I have a question for Destiny 2 players: why aren’t you using the new Elemental Well mods? If it’s because you just don’t think they can compete with Warmind Cells, then yeah, you’re kind of right. But the days of Warmind Cells trivializing ad-clear with their ludicrous explosions are numbered. When the nerf hammer finally […]

The Last of Us Part 2’s director explains why doors are so dang hard

Walking through a door is pretty simple on a physical set, but in the realm of game development, it’s a big struggle. Kurt Margenau, the co-game director on The Last of Us Part 2, and upcoming indie game DeathTrash’s Stephan Hövelbrinks discussed the issue on Twitter, and it seems that when a game developer opens […]

Destiny 2's GM Justin Truman sits down to talk Season of the Chosen

Update from State of Destiny blog: The gist is that sunsetting is going away moving forward, but as Truman states in our interview, this issue is likely to continue to be something the development team look at. While it seems our gear will remain moving forward, it appears Bungie is interested in creating a more […]

Nioh 2’s Director Wants To Make A PS5 Game With Haptic Feedback

The DualSense is an amazing piece of kit on the PS5 that gives you immersive vibrations to simulate real life sensations. Nioh 2 director Fumihiko Yasuda is apparently all-in on the technology. Speaking to DailyBits, Yasuda said that the development team opted to not use haptic feedback with Nioh 2 Complete Edition as it’s an intense […]

Dota 2's newest hero, Hoodwink, gets revealed ahead of schedule

Robin Hood has arrived. With the postponement of The International 10, Dota 2’s yearly, meta-defining patch was also pushed back to a later date. Though Valve initially promised a November release for the game’s new hero, it was delayed to December. The developer announced that the next patch would be going live on Dec. 17, but it looks like the […]