GTA 5 Is Going Nowhere, Topped Physical PS Sales Chart In The UK Last Week

GTA 5 was the best-selling physical PS4 game in the UK last week, almost eight years after the title was first released. There are a lot of hopes for the new generation of consoles. Some of which have already been confirmed to be happening and others are just pipedreams at this point. One of the […]

Persona 5 Strikers has a lot of Persona DNA

Persona 5 Strikers opens with a thief on the run, just like Persona 5. Joker, the game’s protagonist, nimbly jumps across a building in Persona 5 Strikers’ first cutscene. He’s in the Metaverse, a mirror dimension in the world of Persona where humans’ true desires are made manifest. When Joker encounters a Shadow, he dives […]

Persona 5 Strikers Preview – One Last Surprise

Yesterday morning, I had to send my boss a fairly awkward message on account of being late to work for the first time since I started in September. “Hey mate,” I said. “Sorry I’m 40 minutes late, I was playing Persona 5 Strikers last night and got a bit carried away.” I don’t feel comfortable […]

5 innovations that pushed laptops forward at CES 2021

CES 2021 may be virtual, but the event still offered up a trove of PC innovations, and that goes doubly so in the mobile space. Intel, AMD, and Nvidia all announced new laptop CPUs or GPUs, which in turn unleashed new generation of cutting-edge notebooks from every major vendor. We’ve covered our favorite PC hardware […]

Haru Said ACAB In Persona 5 Strikers

Haru Okumura is widely regarded as one of the least intriguing members of Persona 5’s Phantom Thieves. I reckon the main reason for this is the fact that she appears far later in the narrative than the rest of the squad, meaning that other characters have near-completed arcs before hers even starts. What’s more, her […]

Persona 5 Royal: How To Romance Kasumi

Persona 5 Royal brings a litany of new characters and story beats that make it an experience that stands on its own. One such character is Kasumi Yoshizawa. This eloquent and intelligent gymnast comes to Joker’s aid multiple times over the course of the campaign. Apart from aiding Joker in battle, Kasumi is also a […]

GTA 5 actors recreate Lamar roasts Franklin meme in real life

One of the most popular memes from GTA 5 has been turned into a live action video starring the original voice actors from the game. Seven years later and GTA 5 remains as popular as ever, not just in terms of sales and the ongoing success of GTA Online, but the word of internet memes. […]

Persona 5 Royal: How To Romance Ann

Persona 5 Royal is one of the most successful and expansive Japanese role-playing games of the past generation. With over 100 hours of content on a regular playthrough, the content can be a bit overwhelming to explore. For those looking to pursue a romantic relationship with their favorite ladies, it can be hard to find out […]

5 Ways A Good Mobile App Can Help Optimize Your Business

The introduction of modern smartphone devices represents a revolution in various fields like communication, marketing, entertainment, education, and much more. A lot more people are using mobile phones to search the web than PC and laptop devices. Therefore, choosing to develop an app with support for Android and iOS devices seems like a great solution […]

5 Biggest Disappointments Of 2020

It’s difficult to talk about disappointing games during a year that felt like one big, long disappointment itself, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes you just have to put your head down and move forward—or in this case, look back. The game industry has changed dramatically over the past 12 months, thanks […]