Apex Legends: All Legends Ages, Home Planets And Reasons For Joining The Games

As one of the biggest free-to-play online battle royale games currently in the gaming world, Apex Legends has some really well-designed characters. As many fans know, the game that we play is a televised event in the Apex World, known as the Apex Games. The details put into the game could be why many gamers […]

Sega Ages Ends On A Bang With Herzog Zwei’s Excellent Re-Release

Last week, Sega released the final title in its Sega Ages line on Nintendo Switch with Herzog Zwei. An underappreciated gem from the Genesis library, Herzog Zwei was maybe a bit too ambitious for the constraints of 16-bit hardware. Essentially writing the rulebook for RTS games for the next 10 years, it’s not hard to […]

Sega To End Sega Ages Retro Line, But Will Continue Porting Older Titles

Fans of Sega’s back catalog will need to pour one out today. In an interview with Japanese publication Game Watch, the publisher has confirmed that the “Sega Ages” line of re-releases has come to a close. After releasing a number of classic titles on the Switch in an updated format, it seems the work from […]