All Ratchet & Clank Side Missions, Ranked

Like most entries in the series, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart offers players a selection of side missions to engage in if they wish to step away from the main story. Rift Apart includes six of these side quests, with each offering unique gameplay from the main story and providing rewards for those who complete […]

Apex Legends: All Legends Ages, Home Planets And Reasons For Joining The Games

As one of the biggest free-to-play online battle royale games currently in the gaming world, Apex Legends has some really well-designed characters. As many fans know, the game that we play is a televised event in the Apex World, known as the Apex Games. The details put into the game could be why many gamers […]

Mass Effect: Where To Find All The Turian Insignias

The first Mass Effect has lots of optional assignments for the player to work through. It’s a completionist’s paradise, but they’re really just meant to encourage you to explore the galaxy a little more and introduce you to the lore that frames their narrative. The assignment UNC: Turian Insignias is a fetch quest asking you to […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: All Treasure Map Locations And Rewards

Introduced alongside in-game currency in Resident Evil 4, treasure could be found all throughout the game and sold to the Merchant for a sizable payout. Resident Evil 7 introduced treasure photos hidden around the Baker Estate, but treasure as fans knew it in RE4 was distinctly absent. This made it all the more surprising when […]

Biomutant: All Breeds Explained

Breeds in Biomutant are similar to races in other RPGs. Each breed comes with its own set of attributes that play a significant role in your playstyle. While all Breeds can use every weapon and skill in the game, some are more suited towards specific abilities than others. Before creating your character, take a minute […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: All Labyrinth Puzzle And Ball Locations

In Resident Evil 8 Village there are dozens of treasures to find, puzzles to solve, and you are very likely to miss a fair few of them on your first run through the game. The Labyrinth Puzzles and their associated balls are just one of the hidden items you can find if you scrub through […]

Kynseed: Location Of All Basic Tools

Like most farming games, you need some basic tools to make country life easier in Kynseed, PixelCount Studios’ sandbox title. Buckets, pickaxes, fishing rods, you name it. Instead of crafting or buying most of these, Kynseed drops them right at your front door. Or somewhere near your front door. You just have to find them. […]

All Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer Exotics, New And Returning

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer is here and while it had the usual server issues with Guardians trying to get into the game, the team at Bungie continues to push through to get everything back in working order. Just like with every other season, there are new instances to enjoy, more lore to be […]

You Can See All Four Divine Beasts From Link’s Chimney In Breath Of The Wild

Breath of the Wild is having every inch of its expanse explored before the anticipated sequel arrives – an impatient wait for fans but one that is advantageous for urban explorers. As more of Hyrule’s secrets become uncovered, we learn new tips, tricks, and hidden animations along the way, and one player has discovered another […]

New Pokemon Snap: All Eeveelutions Locations

Lots of people talk about starters – Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and so on – but the Eeveelutions are also iconic figures in Pokemon history. From original designs like Vaporeon to more recent iterations on the formula like Sylveon, there’s yet to be an Eeveelution that someone has looked at and said “nope.” Fortunately, the Eeveelutions […]