Capcom Ransomware Attack Compromises Personal Data Of 16,415 People

On November 2, 2020, Japanese gaming giant Capcom reported that its servers had been targeted by a ransomware attack that reportedly stole 1TB of corporate data. The company also revealed that it was being blackmailed by an organization called Ragnar Locker, which claimed to have the contact information for up to 350,000 employees and partners […]

COD Mobile: Attack Of The Undead Guide

Back to kick off the holiday season, COD Mobile‘s insanely popular game mode Attack of the Undead has returned once again for the first time since it was first introduced way back in season 7. If you’re a little rusty on how this mode works, or never even got to experience it the first time, you’ll want […]

Score Attack FPS Ultrakill Is Now Available In Early Access

New Blood Interactive’s excellent score attack FPS game Ultrakill is now available in early access. Pushed live earlier today, the current build features 15 levels of Devil May Cry-inspired goodness that will push your reflexes to the test. Having already played an earlier build a few months game, I can attest to this game’s quality: […]