Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle Of The Realms Gets A Release Date, New Box Art

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms is the direct sequel to Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge. The sequel was revealed earlier this month from Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Interactive, and NetherRealm Studios, and now we’ve got a Battle of the Realms release date and our first look at the official box art.  Confirmed today, Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of […]

Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale Spin-Off Officially Named Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade’s battle royale spin-off was named as Bloodhunt at the Summer Game Fest, with the project itself having been revealed a few months ago. The game is coming at some point in 2021, and casts you as a vampire hunting down other vampires on the streets. You’ll be able to jump from rooftops […]

Fortnite’s new battle pass includes Rick Sanchez and Superman

Fortnite’s newest season is here and it’s bringing some serious star power to its new battle pass. For Chapter 2 season 7, Fortnite players will get their own customizable alien — in keeping with the theme of the season — as well as Superman and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. Unfortunately, the season 7 […]

Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister Launches On Rift Today

The Oculus Rift version of Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister launches today. Battle Sister first launched on Quest late last year, when developer Pixel Toys told us it would aim to bring the game to other headsets in 2021. You can check out a trailer for the Rift version below, which boasts improved graphics over the […]

Call Of Duty's New Battle Pack And In-Game Challenge Will Help Fund Veteran Employment

May is Military Appreciation Month, and Activision is lending a helping hand to veterans in need by launching the Call of Duty Endowment Medical Heroes campaign. The initiative aims to raise money to place combat veterans, such as medics and hospital corpsmen, into high-quality jobs. Beginning today, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and […]

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Is Getting A Physical Release

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle will be making its way to physical stores around North America, Australia, and Europe this summer. JP’s Switchmania spotted a listing on Amazon, which confirmed the news. Xseed is bringing the game adaptation to Western territories with an English localization. Champion’s Battle is based on the anime and the gameplay of the multiplayer […]

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator hits 1.0 with multiplayer and new maps

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the ragdoll-physics, set-’em-up-and-watch-’em-fight game from Landfall, makes a full version 1.0 launch today. Despite the game’s jovial nature and ironic title, the studio says this is not an April Fools’ Day announcement. TABS, which launched in Early Access almost five years ago, will get multiplayer and two new factions with the […]

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Switch Review

Ever since Popcap was acquired by EA their focus has shifted away from simple yet well-crafted puzzle games and towards titles more befitting of their new owner’s largely detested business practices. Hence why Plants Vs. Zombies has transformed from a lovable tower defense game into a multiplayer third-person hero shooter. At this point, I’m surprised […]