Lara Croft Could Be Fortnite Season 5’s Next Hunter

A cryptic tweet from the official Tomb Raider account suggests Lara Croft might be the next character to join Fortnite Season 5’s formidable group of hunters. Epic needed to come up with something pretty special to top what it did with Fortnite last season. In fact, Fortnite’s Marvel season probably can’t be topped. Not until […]

Why These Should Be The Next New Pokemon Types

Currently, we are on the eighth generation of Pokemon. After its release in 1996, the Pokemon fanbase has only grown, and we’ve experienced seven new generations since its beginning. In the original games, we started off with 15 Pokemon types: normal, fire, water, grass, electric, ice, fighting, poison, ground, flying, psychic, bug, rock, ghost, and […]

EA Assures That It Will Be Making Star Wars Games For Years To Come

This morning, news of a brand new Star Wars game from Ubisoft developer Massive (known for The Division) took fans by surprise. Didn’t EA have an exclusivity agreement on all Star Wars related games? Did this new title mean that EA was no longer involved with Lucasfilm Games? As it turns out, that isn’t the […]

The Drive To Be A Top Streamer: an Interview with Matt “Mizkif” Rinaudo

Matt “Mizkif” Rinaudo is an American Twitch streamer who rose to fame thanks to his laid back sense of humor. Now, he helps other gamers achieve their dreams. H.B. Duran with NGame Esports sat down with him to learn more about how he grew his audience and what it takes for newcomers to succeed as […]

Pokémon Red can now be played in a Twitter profile image

Constantin Liétard is playing Pokémon Red with thousands of players through his Twitter profile picture. In a feat similar to the 2014 Twitch Plays Pokémon, Liétard built a program that allows users to control their profile image. By replying to Liétard’s pinned tweet with Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, or Select, users can […]

Slay the Spire will be turned into a board game, Kickstarter coming this spring

Slay the Spire, the hit single-player digital card game, is being developed as a cooperative tabletop card game. A crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for this spring on Kickstarter, but no pricing or delivery date has been announced. Those interested are being asked to sign up to be notified once the campaign launches. Slay the Spire […]

South America regional league Upper Division invites are out

Details on the first season of the South America regional league have been published on liquipedia. The four directly invited teams to the Upper Division have been also added, along with the league format. In what was rather expected, beastcoast, Thunder Predator, Infamous and SG-esports are the four handpicked squads seeded by Valve for the […]

Video games will be photorealistic in 10 years says Take-Two boss

The owner of Rockstar Games thinks that games will be indistinguishable from reality in just a decade, but is that really possible? By the year 2030 it will be impossible to tell video game footage from real life, or at least that’s what the boss of Take-Two Interactive, owners of Rockstar Games, thinks. ‘I’m guessing […]