Animal Crossing Players Celebrate Second Ramadan On Their Islands

For over a year now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hosted countless real world events. Coronavirus related lockdowns may have stopped large gatherings, but graduations, birthdays, weddings, and religious celebrations still need to take place. Around the world, Muslims are now entering a second Ramadan in lockdown. This celebration sees able-bodied Muslims fasting from sunrise […]

Animal Crossing Meets Rick And Morty In New Adult Swim Promo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons had its one-year anniversary on March 20, and Adult Swim wanted to honor that milestone by merging it with one of its most popular shows. The ‘Rick and Morty Crossing’ short saw the animated series enter the coastal world of New Horizons. The one-and-a-half-minute video was fan-made by kyttenjanae, adding to […]

Hello Kitty Animal Crossing Cards Are Here… And Scalpers Got Them

The wait is over for those in North America wanting to get their hands on the new Animal Crossing x Sanrio Amiibo cards, sadly scalpers strike again. As soon as the cards were available on Target’s website, eager fans tried to score at least one pack using the pickup option, since that’s how it was […]

Animal Crossing Fans Show Their Photography Skills In New "Pipe Challenge"

In-game photography is almost becoming a profession of its own, capturing the stunning, sweeping landscapes in open worlds to the island life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The results are impressive and a new photography challenge is taking advantage of a recent Mario-themed addition to the life sim. The Pipe Challenge is a friendly competition […]

Animal Crossing: How To Make A Subway Station

Want to have your own little subway station on your island? Here’s how you can do it. Reddit user u/Chikachuuu came up with this awesome idea to bring Warp Pipes to life. Using them as a sort of subway fast-travel method just makes sense. If you’d like to implement this idea on your own Animal Crossing island, […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Best Warp Pipe Uses

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Super Mario Set is finally here. Fans have been waiting since it was first announced during the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct last September. During the announcement video, many items could be seen but there was a particular piece that made fans anxious with anticipation. The Animal Crossing community was particularly […]

Fortnite And DC Are Crossing Over Again For A Comic Book Miniseries

DC Comics has announced a new series of comics in which some of its most iconic characters will travel to Fortnite’s island. Fortnite and DC have an ongoing relationship that has seen a number of the comic book’s characters arrive on the island. However, the next chapter of the crossover will see Fortnite return the […]