Cyberpunk 2077’s latest patch squashes more bugs

Developer CD Projekt Red rolled out a new update for Cyberpunk 2077 on Wednesday, a hotfix for the game’s recent 1.22 patch. This time, CDPR is targeting quests and open-world bugs, including Cyberpunk 2077’s first “retrofix.” Most of the bug fixes contained within the update address quest progression problems, but there’s also another round of […]

New Cyberpunk 2077 patch fixes more bugs, excessive police spawning

CD Projekt Red rolled out a new hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 — patch 1.21 — on Wednesday that addresses a long list of quest-related and open-world bugs, and also further nerfs the game’s teleporting police presence. Patch 1.21 for Cyberpunk 2077 arrives about two weeks after CD Projekt Red’s second major update to the game, […]

Cyberpunk 2077 1.0 Belongs In A Museum

Cyberpunk 2077 was a mess when it launched. Without even getting into the themes, the tropes, the narrative, the gameplay… on the most basic and functional level, it was a mess. I played on PS5, and I averaged a crash every 45 minutes or so – I dread to think how that experience must have […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Game Designer Has Left CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has lost Cyberpunk 2077’s senior gameplay designer, an employee who worked at the company for the last eight years prior to his announcement earlier today. Andrzej Zawadzki previously worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a QA tester before taking over Cyberpunk 2077’s game design unit. Andrzej Zawadzki announced his departure on Twitter and […]

Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 patch will make fixes to police response, driving, and more

Developer CD Projekt Red announced new details on the second major update to Cyberpunk 2077 on Friday, couched as an in-fiction news broadcast. According to the developer, the 1.2 update for Cyberpunk 2077 will address issues related to police response to player actions, and add more nuance and control to driving and moving on foot. […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Best Played As A Fashion Shoot Simulator

My thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077 could best be described as ‘mixed’, and I think the feeling is mutual. I love the characters, especially the minor ones, but found the story lacklustre, the Yellow Peril tropes dated, and the satire – what little there was to be had – weak and hypocritical. It’s occasionally brilliant, occasionally […]

Cyberpunk 2077’s next big patch delayed due to CD Projekt hack

CD Projekt Red has been patching and hotfixing Cyberpunk 2077 since its tumultuous release in December, but the next big patch will come a little later than players had expected. The developer posted an update to the official twitter account for the game on Wednesday, writing that “the recent cyber attack on the studio’s IT […]