Elden Ring Is Around 30 Hours Long And Will Have Multiple Endings

Elden Ring’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed how long you will need to set aside for the game, adding that it will have multiple endings. Elden Ring’s long-awaited debut trailer was nothing short of spectacular. However, other than the fact The Lands Between, the world in which the game will take place, is visually stunning, very […]

Elden Ring Will Feature Online Multiplayer

From Software has revealed that Elden Ring will not deviate from tradition and the game will include online multiplayer. Elden Ring was finally re-revealed at the end of the Summer Game Fest last night, giving us a further look at some of the gameplay as well as a release date. Today, publisher Bandai Namco has […]

The Best Thing About Elden Ring Is The Magnificent Jumping Horse

Yesterday, after two years of waiting, we finally got some Elden Ring gameplay footage. And by ‘we’, I mean ‘you’. I’ve never understood the mega hype swirling around a game that nobody had seen anything of bar a CG trailer and a logo – a few months back I even wrote as much, imploring you […]

New Elden Ring Trailer Revealed, Release Date Set For January 2022

It’s been 84 years (cue Titanic music). In all seriousness, the “when will we get Elden Ring news” question has almost become a game within itself, and now? We’ve finally got another look at the latest FromSoftware adventure thanks to Summer Game Fest ahead of E3 2021.  Elden Ring is the latest game to come […]

Elden Ring YouTube Channel Updated With Hidden Video

The official Elden Ring YouTube channel just updated its profile, adding a hidden video that might be revealed later today during Summer Game Fest. Head to Elden Ring’s barren YouTube page, and you’ll find a playlist that claims it was “Updated today.” Move into the playlist, however, and there’s nothing to see. Fans are speculating […]

Can’t Wait For Elden Ring? Try Kingdom Hearts 2

Played through all the Dark Souls games and the Demon’s Souls remake and still can’t wait for that first taste of Elden Ring? The solution might be right in front of you. Hear me out, because this is going to sound sort of wacky, wild, and totally off base, but the game you’re looking for […]

Elden Ring: 10 Souls-like Games To Play While Waiting

Elden Ring has yet to reveal its true identity but all bets lead to it being similar to Dark Souls but open-world. So it stands within reason that you’re not prepared for it. In fact, no one is too prepared for a Souls game, what with little information available with Elden Ring right now. However, […]

Games Inbox: When will Elden Ring be released?

The Tuesday Inbox is frustrated that sci-worlds are never very alien, as one reader is disappointed by Bravely Default 2 being too old school. To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] Maybe next yearI’m fascinated by how different the Japanese style of development must be to Western companies because they really do not […]

5 Ways Elden Ring Reminds Us Of Winds Of Winter (And 5 It Doesn’t)

Elden Ring is a video game that we know pretty much nothing about, but we can make some assumptions. For example, it’s almost certainly going to be a video game. It will probably be playable on PS5. I reckon you can bet on it including a sword you can swing at enemies. Then there’s Winds […]

Elden Ring Trailer Will Not Be Showcased In Upcoming Microsoft Event In March

It’s been revealed that Microsoft is tentatively planning to hold a gaming event on March 23. According to Paul Thurrott, who has a reliable record for reporting Microsoft news, the event is themed “What’s New For Gaming.” Obviously, this is open to wide interpretation, and not many more details have been given, though it’s quite […]