TNC lose again while Adroit continue to dominate at ESL One Birmingham Online

ESL One Birmingham Online Southeast Asia went into its second day of round-robin group stage action and after yesterday’s upsets, we were definitely in for another epic day of Dota 2. TNC Predator seemed as shaky as they have been often this year when they played against BOOM Esports yesterday and nothing seemed to change […]

ESL One Los Angeles Online breaks Twitch viewer records for Dota 2

While winning ESL One Los Angeles Online was an amazing feat, Dota 2 broke its own record for peak viewers on for a Major this season. Yesterday we witnessed the culmination of ESL One Los Angeles Online’s European and CIS segment, as the grand finals gave us some brilliant Dota 2 action. After […] run over Nigma in a 24 minute game at ESL One LA Online

Nigma got punished by for their stubbornness of playing four protect one in a meta where early objectives and team fights are favored by most of the teams. Game one featured an Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi Naga Siren, which was the only winning condition for Nigma. Their big team fights combos were reliant on the […]

Chicken Fighters push for top 3 in Group B at ESL One LA Online

Open qualifiers winners Chicken Fighters, a stack that made its latest roster change on the 1st of April when Adrian “Era” Kryeziu joined in the support 5 role, is delivering the upsets in Group B at ESL One Los Angeles Online. Today they took down 2-1 Ninjas in Pyjamas, who ironically are playing with a […]

OG amongst the winners on day one for CIS/EU at ESL One LA Online

ESL One Los Angeles Online had reached its end point for some regions but for Europe and CIS, today would be the day that their group stage begun, with Group A seeing all eight teams playing in their first series. Group A at ESL One LA Online featured some extremely big names such as OG, […]

ESL One Los Angeles Online's schedule is confirmed

Tomorrow we will see the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online tournament kick off for four of the six regions involved and while the event may no longer be within the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, it promises some epic action for some time to come. With multiple Dota 2 Pro Circuit events being cancelled due […] forced to play with a stand-in at the Los Angeles Major

After hearing about the Visa issues effecting Team Adroit’s captain, now there is another as player Zaur ‘Cooman’ Shakhmurzaev has also been unable to acquire entrance into the United States. Visa issues were thought to be a thing of the past in Dota 2 but unfortunately for many players and teams, it still seems […]