5 Hidden Gem Games You Missed In 2020

In a year defined by ample hardships, video games have been a routine escape for many of us. Luckily, we saw the release of several incredible games, including Hades, The Last of Us Part II, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and much more. However, with so many sizable game releases, some of the year’s most interesting […]

Games Inbox: Is the PS5 worth the hype?

The Friday Inbox shares stories from those who did or didn’t get a PS5 yesterday, as one reader is very pleased to hear about Project 007. To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] It all worked outSo my PlayStation 5 turned up on Thursday after all and… it’s great! I don’t like the […]

PS5 Games Won't Be Region-Locked

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 weren’t region-locked, giving gamers a chance to play their favorite games no matter where the studio is located. Sony is carrying on that philosophy with the PlayStation 5, as confirmed by a recent update to the PS5 FAQ list.  Sony confirms that PS5 games will not be region-locked, meaning that […]

Riot Games Invests in Amatuer Talent With SoFi Partnership

Riot Games has secured a new partnership with personal finance company SoFi that will focus on the development of amateur League of Legends talent. As part of the deal, SoFi will provide a $250 USD primary investment account to all players participating in the Honda Scouting Grounds – a combine-style event where aspiring North American […]

PS5 games were going to be even more expensive than £70 claims report

Sony was considering making PS5 games even more expensive than they already are, but they’re still cheaper in America than the UK. The Xbox Series S, which launches today, might be the best value next gen console, at just £250, but at £450 the PlayStation 5 is much less expensive than many feared, especially given […]

Motorsport Games announces new Winter NASCAR Heat series

Qualification for the four-event Series starts November 9th on NASCAR Heat 5 with $47,000 prize pool. PRESS RELEASE, November 9, 2020: Racing fans will now have additional entertainment during the down season with the announcement of the Winter Heat Series, a brand new, four-event esports tournament, which will run from November and finish with a […]

Four 3DS Doraemon Games Are Being Bundled Together For The Switch

The Doraemon frenzy continues to grow. A Doraemon bundle is coming to the Nintendo Switch based on the educational games that were available for the Nintendo 3DS. Doraemon recently celebrated a huge milestone, hitting 50 years since the debut of the franchise in Japan. The series follows a cat robot traveling from the 22nd Century to […]

10 Video Games Players Can Easily Put 100 Hours Into

With so many amazing games already available, and many more coming out regularly, it’s getting difficult to choose what to play. Some players prefer short games that they can finish quickly, others like to take their time and take on the longest games out there. And then there are those who switch between the two […]

Riot Games Reportedly Looking to Overhaul LCS Structure

Riot Games is looking to make significant changes to the structure of its North American pro league, the LCS, according to a report by Travis Gafford. These changes appear to be addressing criticisms regarding the lack of stakes for the Spring Split, which in its current form runs as a short regular season with its […]