Insomniac Games Reveals New Marvel Wolverine Game During PlayStation Showcase 2021

Turns out that Spider-Man isn’t the only Marvel superhero getting the spotlight over at Insomniac Games. During the most recent PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac teased two big announcements. One of those was Spider-Man 2, which will feature Venom as a major character, but the second is a brand new adventure starring none other than Wolverine himself.  […]

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games Worth Playing

There’s a widespread stigma attached to mobile titles that has pushed them to the bottom of the popularity charts for years … at least when compared to PC and console experiences. Of course, there are exceptions. Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans, for example, have proved games on the smallest screen are more than just microtransaction-heavy propaganda or […]

The best solo board games

When you think of playing a board game, someone sitting alone at a table may not be the first thing that comes to mind. The social aspect of board games is obviously important, but a number of the best board games have satisfying puzzles to work out even if you can’t get anyone to join […]

Huge PSVR Games Sale Kicks Off On PlayStation Store

There’s some huge savings to be had on PSVR games over on the PlayStation Store. A dedicated page for the deals isn’t live on the US store yet (though you can find the UK deals here), but Reddit user DuranFanWI has highlighted some key price cuts right here. The deal includes some of the usual […]

Live: Schell Games Q&A On I Expect You To Die 2!

Got any burning questions about I Expect You To Die 2? You can ask Schell directly in our virtual studio today at 6am PT/2pm UK! Project Director Charlie Amis is stepping into the studio as part of our Upload Access coverage on the game. I Expect You To Die 2 brings players back into the […]

8 historical board games, from diverse designers, that show great promise

The tabletop renaissance has created a more diverse audience than ever before, even for niche genres like historical board games and wargames. Now a new mentorship program, led by a blue-ribbon panel of industry experts, hopes to diversify tabletop gaming’s cadre of designers as well. Called the Zenobia Award, organizers say that the contest is […]

Why The World Needs More Games Like Life Is Strange

Many games out there offer both enjoyment and reflection, including the beloved Life is Strange series that has taken some wild twists throughout its cycle. From Chloe and Max and the power of friendship to the trials and triumphs that come with family, as seen in Life is Strange 2, digital adventures that tap into […]

Top 10 new tabletop board games and TCGs for summer 2021

GameCentral takes a look at some of the biggest new tabletop games of the year, including the Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals and Age Of Sigma: Dominion. There might not have been any E3 again this year but GenCon, the tabletop equivalent, is going ahead this September in its usual home of Indianapolis, USA. Most UK […]

Vertigo Games Acquires Force Field, Working On 'AAA VR Game'

Arizona Sunshine and After The Fall developer Vertigo Games is acquiring Amsterdam-based Force Field. Vertigo acquired all of Force Field’s shares for an undisclosed sum. Force Field will be renamed to Vertigo Amsterdam and, according to a press release, will continue work on “an unannounced AAA game based on a well-known IP.” The core Vertigo […]

Indie Watch: Smaller Games Worth Keeping An Eye On

We’re firmly in the half of 2021 and inching ever closer to the holiday rush of big-time triple-A releases. While we’re excited to play the next Halo, Metroid, and Forza, it’s always worth keeping in mind the slate of promising indies releasing alongside the big guns. That’s why we put together a list of smaller titles that […]