Short Tie-In Games Are Great Because We Don’t Have To Wait Years For Them

Big, open-world games that you can sink hundreds of hours into can often feel like the best bang for your buck. But, as someone who likes to play as many video games as possible, and who also doesn’t have as much free time as they did when they were a teenager, I’m really enjoying shorter games. […]

Were Older Games Better Or Is Nostalgia Just That Strong?

I’ve commonly heard people make the claim that older games are just better all-around than newer games. Obviously, we are setting graphics aside, so they’ll tend to argue that older games had better strategic implementation, better character development, and more. I’ve written previously on how retro games are popular due to more than just nostalgia—the video […]

Epic Games Reportedly Offered Sony $200 Million For PlayStation Exclusives

We’ve received tons of insider news thanks to the ongoing Apple vs. Epic lawsuit. A number of documents with otherwise unknown information have surfaced during the trial process, and this latest one may be one of the biggest. It seems that Epic Games was trying to secure PlayStation exclusives for the Epic Games Store. As […]

Limited Run Games Creating Physical Among Us Collector’s Edition

Among Us is still a phenomenon even if Jimmy Fallon didn’t do much to improve player counts. And as such, there are plenty of Among Us fans willing to get their hands on exclusive merch. Limited Run Games specializes in turning digital-only titles into loot-filled bonanzas, so the two are teaming up to provide us […]

Sledgehammer Games Confirmed As Call of Duty 2021 Developer

In news that probably won’t come as much of a surprise, it was confirmed today that Sledgehammer Games will be taking the reins on the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise. While details for the game haven’t been provided, it is expected t0 release in the later part of this year and will place an […]

A New Rockstar Games Job Listing Implies Its Next Game Is Near Completion

A new job listing from Rockstar North has sparked rumours that the next game from the studio is close to completion. As spotted by The National, the Rockstar careers page was recently updated with the role of game tester. The fact that the developer is hiring a game tester is indicative of the state of […]

The essential racing games of Xbox Game Pass

There is nothing as simple as a racing game, at least on the surface. You start at one place and have to reach the next place faster than everyone else. Filling in the rest of the details is what makes racing such a versatile genre. A quality racing game is also one of the best […]

Yu-Gi-Oh Games Are Always Great, Actually

From Slay the Spire to Monster Train, to Trials of Fire, Loop Hero, and Dicey Dungeons, I’ve played a whole lot of deckbuilders over the last few years. While all five of these have roguelite elements, I’ve dabbled in more conventional card games as well – I played Hearthstone quite a bit back at launch, […]

Games Need To Respect The Player’s Time More

I had an unusual amount of free time this past weekend so I decided to treat myself and dive into a new video game, choosing to ignore my ever-growing backlog of half-played titles I promise I’ll get to one day. Summer in Mara was on sale, a game I’d been meaning to play it since […]