Pokémon Go Players Are Helping Local Businesses During The Pandemic

This past summer, Pokémon Go Developers Niantic announced the Local Business Recovery Initiative. With the help of Pokemon Go’s massive playerbase, 1,000 local businesses from around the world – specifically, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., and Japan – were nominated to become in-game Poké Stops or Gyms for one year. After sorting through the nominations, the initiative launches today. As sponsored Pokémon Go locations, these businesses […]

How automation is helping companies pivot in the pandemic (VB Live)

Presented by Blue Prism The pandemic has put a spotlight on the role of automation in business. To learn how the technology landscape is evolving, the benefits companies are achieving beyond cost savings, how automation improves business resiliency and more, don’t miss this VB Live event. Register free here! The pandemic has impacted business priorities […]

RPA is helping health systems and governments respond to the coronavirus

UiPath today announced that it will begin offering health care organizations free robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to perform some of the more time-consuming, monotonous tasks normally undertaken by frontline workers. It also says that it will make available its Automation Hub product, a cloud-based system that prioritizes and tracks RPA workflows, to current and […]