How Much to Invest Into Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is an angling method of catching fish that uses an artificial lure known as a fly. The fly is basically an imitation of any insect. The fly is usually cast into the water using a fly rod, reel, and a specialized weighted line. Since this method is a lightweight form of casting, it […]

Nier Replicant: How To Get Blue Marlin

Fishing in Nier Replicant is a great way to earn some gold but is also required for the completion of many fetch quests, including “The Fisherman’s Gambit” quest chain. This series of quests is super important as each time you complete one of the quests, your fishing skill improves, which allows you to catch better […]

Stranded Deep: How To Get More Inventory Space

There are so many items that you will need to carry in Stranded Deep: food, drinks, tools, crafting materials, and that’s just the start. Thankfully, you can increase your inventory space to make carrying all of those items a bit less tedious. This guide will cover how to increase your inventory space in Stranded Deep. […]

New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Gardevoir

Gardevoir and Ninetales are fairly well hidden in New Pokemon Snap, so it’s no surprise if you haven’t managed to find them just yet. Despite being two of the most popular Pokemon in history, both Gardevoir and Ninetales are buried deep in one of the game’s most complex locations – in fact, it’s probably because […]

Returnal: How Many Biomes And Bosses Are There?

Atropos is a sprawling planet in Returnal, featuring a variety of different biomes. Of course, most of them come with a powerful boss that will do anything it can to send you back to the beginning of the cycle. This guide will cover every boss and biome in Returnal, so that you can get a […]

Returnal: How To Heal

There’s no denying it: Returnal is a tough game. The enemies that you will find across Atropos are ruthless, and will stop at nothing to kill you over and over. Whether you are struggling to kill Phrike in the Overgrown Ruins, or you have already made your way to the Fractured Wastes, you will need […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Prepare For The Blackwood Expansion

Oblivion content is finally coming to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Blackwood expansion, which launches on June 1 for PC and June 8 for consoles. This guide will cover everything you need to do before Blackwood releases, including how to start the Gates Of Oblivion Prologue quests and which DLC links into this upcoming […]

New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete All Requests

If you’re playing New Pokemon Snap, you’ll probably already know about the game’s LenTalk request system. Essentially, Professor Mirror, Todd, Rita, and Phil are all able to send you special requests for every course in the game. Whether they want you to catch a Pokemon make a rare and random pose, or force and interaction […]

New Pokemon Snap: How To Take A Four Star Photo Of Every Pokemon

One of the most initially confusing aspects of New Pokemon Snap is its star ratings system, particularly the elusive four star photos that are considered to be perfect shots by Professor Mirror. These photos don’t even necessarily need to earn high scores – they just need to capture unique behaviour. There are over 200 Pokemon […]