The Witcher 3: How To Defeat The Caretaker

The Caretaker from Heart of Stone is easily one of the most difficult boss fights in The Witcher 3. Upon the first encounter, he seems virtually invulnerable to everything Geralt throws at him. What makes the Caretaker so difficult is his multiple regeneration tactics and his wild attacks that can be exceedingly difficult to dodge. So […]

How To Get Promo Orc & Kobold Skeleton Minis For Your D&D Army

Every Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master could use a collection of skeleton miniatures. They make great fodder for a party of adventurers to cut through, yet can also be deadly when deployed strategically by a necromancer. But who says skeletons, or even zombies for that matter, have to be human? In a fantasy world, shouldn’t […]

Breath of the Wild: How To Get The Thunder Helm

Unlike earlier Zelda games, Link has access to quite a lot of armor in Breath of the Wild. Beyond his famous green tunic being replaced with the Champion’s Tunic, Link’s armor changes his appearance, raises his defense, and offers unique gameplay buffs in some cases. Along with the gear he can buy across Hyrule, Link […]

Resident Evil: How To Beat Lisa Trevor In The Remake

The original Resident Evil on PlayStation shows its age, but not in a way that reflects poorly on the game. If anything, the fact Resident Evil is so reflective of its era not only amplifies the game’s charge, it actually adds to the horror in some cases. Rather than recreating Resident Evil as it was, […]

Bloodborne: How To Beat Shadow Of Yharnam

Any Souls-like game is going to be full of challenging fights. The Shadow Of Yharnam is the first boss fight in Bloodborne that feels unfair. This is because there are, in fact, three Shadows you have to fight and kill. This fight is tough as you have to be aware of three devastatingly powerful enemies […]

How To Bathe In A Purple Pool In Fortnite

It’s time for a brand new set of weekly challenges in Fortnite, and if you want to be able to bathe in a purple pool, you’ve come to the right place. Locating the Purple Pool you need to bathe in for this challenge can be tough, and the exact method you use to, um, bathe, […]

Destiny 2: How To Earn The Radiant Accipiter Ship

Similar to The Whisper and Zero Hour missions, Season of the Hunt’s Harbinger mission has a unique Exotic ship for Guardians to chase. Named the Radiant Accipiter, this ship contains multiple feather decals that make it loosely based on Hawkmoon. Earning this ship will require you to complete the Bird of Prey quest in its […]

Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Shibuya Jail Boss

Persona 5 Strikers follows a similar path to its predecessor, where the Phantom Thieves must tackle certain locations in the Metaverse, culminating in a boss battle. Rather than “Palaces”, Strikers features “Jails” instead and the bosses are known as “Monarchs”. Your first location will be Shibuya Jail and the first Monarch that you need to topple […]

How to Safely Store and Transfer Digital Assets

Since we are living in a digital age, many personas or businesses are interested in upgrading to buying and selling digital assets. Without any doubt, the commonest digital assets are cryptocurrencies. We can see that a lot of people got interested in these in the last couple of years after some of their prices have […]