How Web3 is democratizing revenue for the HTML5 game space

Join gaming leaders, alongside GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming, for their 2nd Annual GamesBeat & Facebook Gaming Summit | GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse 2 this upcoming January 25-27, 2022. Learn more about the event.  In the HTML5 game space, there’s no solid pathway to distribution, especially compared to mobile games. You have to work tirelessly to […]

How to fend off cybersecurity burnout

Facing a worsening talent shortage and increasingly active and sophisticated attackers, cybersecurity practitioners are finding themselves stretched thin and overworked. We saw major security incidents occur in 2021 such as the cyberattacks on SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and Kaseya, which exacerbated stress leading to burnout of security professionals. By adopting the following strategy, organizations can empower […]

How Kubermatic helps automate Kubernetes across any infrastructure

Let the OSS Enterprise newsletter guide your open source journey! Sign up here. The rise of Kubernetes since Google open-sourced the project back in 2014 says a lot about the broader industry push toward containerized applications. In a survey released last year, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) found that 92% of organizations now use containers in production environments, representing a […]

How To Say Goodbye Is A Puzzle Game Inspired By Children's Books About Accepting Loss

Coping with death and the grief that follows it is challenging and one of the few experiences everyone confronts sooner or later. How to Say Goodbye, an enchanting puzzle game from one of the minds of Monument Valley 2, finds an adorable, perhaps more palatable avenue for accepting loss.  Players explore a world filled with spirits as […]

How Back 4 Blood Is Leading The Horde

Founded in 2002, Turtle Rock Studios got its start working on the Counter-Strike and Half-Life series alongside Valve. However, the studio truly made its name through its first all-original game, a cooperative zombie shooter called Left 4 Dead. Valve was so impressed by the project that it acquired Turtle Rock in 2008 and released the […]

How To Build An Empire With Saints Row's Criminal Ventures

While the new Saints are starting up their core empire, it will be vital for them to extend their reach into various parts of the city, not just for the influence but also for the money that comes with it. Establishing side hustles, or as Volition calls them, Criminal Ventures, around town will be a key […]

How Bumble is helping change gender dynamics in esports – Esports Insider

When comparing esports and dating apps, the connection between the two is not immediately apparent. However, since 2018 a lot of companies within the space, such as Bumble and Tinder, have made a move into the esports industry. In many of these cases, the partnerships included limited-edition content, special events and rewards for dating app […]

Valve shows you how to mod a Steam Deck — and why you shouldn’t

It’s not every day that a company posts a video tutorial on how to alter its hardware. However, Valve went slightly against the grain on Wednesday when it published a video teardown of the Steam Deck on YouTube. The video presented a perfect how-to guide for modding your Steam Deck hardware, after it launches in […]

Fiasco proves how fun it is to role play without a DM

Leading a role-playing game as game master or narrator can be a lot of work. Coming up with scenes, characters, and storylines for the rest of the players is a taxing job, but there’s a way to role play without anyone taken on that burden: collaborative role-playing games. This dungeon-masterless tabletop genre is all about […]

How to watch the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets a Nintendo Direct live stream on Friday all to itself, during which fans can expect to see new characters and new content teased during September’s Nintendo Direct. The broadcast gets started at 10 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. PDT. Fans can tune in via Nintendo’s YouTube channel (embedded above) or Twitch stream. […]