Forget Chimera Ants, Hunter x Hunter’s Final Arc Is Its Best One

I’m a firm believer that Hunter x Hunter (2011) has no bad episodes – except for episode six, which simply does not exist. Anyway, the ridiculously high quality of every episode means that pretty much every single Hunter x Hunter arc is exceptional in its own right. The Hunter’s Exam adroitly introduces us to our […]

The Monster Hunter Movie Is Now Available To Stream… For $20

A Monster Hunter movie based on the Capcom video game franchise of the same name is finally available to stream, and it only costs… $20. First released for PS2 in 2004, Monster Hunter is a series that features ridiculous-looking monsters and even more ridiculous-looking weapons. It makes sense as a big-screen adaptation, especially in an […]

Monster Hunter Rise Director Has Made The Game More Accessible To Newcomers

If you’re a new hunter, stepping into the world of Capcom’s Monster Hunter can be a daunting and intimidating task. Not only are there giant creatures roaming the lands, but grasping the mechanics and coming to terms with the franchise’s long, arduous battles may be off-putting. To help ease newcomers into the franchise, Monster Hunter […]

Monster Hunter Movie Unleashing Home Video Release In March

The Monster Hunter movie may have dismally failed at the box office, but it might get redemption on home video this March. Thanks Nintendo Life for the heads up! Releasing on March 2, 2021, Monster Hunter is available on Amazon for 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD. They cost from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the copy.  […]

Monster Hunter Rise Unique Amiibo Outfits Revealed

Capcom has revealed the unique gear that players can acquire from the Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo, which includes outfits for the hunter, their Palamute, and their Palico. In the Monster Hunter series, the player character never levels up or gains stat points. Instead, their progression is tied to their armor and weapon. The passive abilities and buffs […]

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Lag Could Be Caused By Your Friend List

The slowdown issues in the Monster Hunter Rise demo could be caused by having too many people on your friend list. Capcom announced that a Monster Hunter Rise demo would be released on the Nintendo eShop on January 8. The demo offers two single-player tutorials, and two hunts that can be enjoyed locally with friends, or online with […]

Monster Hunter Rise Preview: Wyvern Riding To Victory

After several failed attempts to get into the series, Monster Hunter World opened my eyes. The expedition of the fifth fleet took us to a brand new world with dozens of detailed, ferocious monsters that I couldn’t stop blunting my blades on. I was hooked instantly and adored traversing the world with my precious Palico […]

Monster Hunter Rise Twitter Animation Explains The Power Of Spiribirds

The hunters in Monster Hunter Rise will be helped by some colorful avians, as an animated post on the official Twitter page for the game has described the buffing/healing powers of the Spiribirds. The most famous animal companions in the Monster Hunter series are the Palico, which are cat people who fight alongside the hunters. Monster Hunter […]