EA Assures That It Will Be Making Star Wars Games For Years To Come

This morning, news of a brand new Star Wars game from Ubisoft developer Massive (known for The Division) took fans by surprise. Didn’t EA have an exclusivity agreement on all Star Wars related games? Did this new title mean that EA was no longer involved with Lucasfilm Games? As it turns out, that isn’t the […]

Da Vinci Surgery: Is it Safe?

The Da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system, which is controlled by a surgeon from a console. Doctors began using Da Vinci Surgery to perform complex surgeries with minimal invasiveness. The FDA first approved its use in 2000, and the manufacturer hailed it as a safe and minimally invasive surgical option. The Da […]

Duke It Out With Wild West Cartoon Minis In Gunfight Royale

There really just aren’t enough Wild West-themed board games out there. If you also feel this way, then you’ll also be glad to know that Knuckleduster Miniatures is helping to correct that egregious error with its recently launched Kickstarter for Gunfight Royale. Gunfight Royale is a western-styled board game focused on giving you a strategic […]

The Last Of Us Part 2: Why It Will Win The Game Awards GOTY

Let’s not beat around the bush. The Last of Us Part II is divisive amongst its players. Some adore the game, going to bat for it against any and all critiques. Others despise it, thinking the sequel ruined what made the original game so special. But no one can deny that Naughty Dog’s latest title is […]

Is It Ethical To Date A Pokemon?

The internet has made me look at Pokemon not as a fun JRPG for children, but as a game for perverts. (You know who you are.) Look at how much fan art exists of Gardevoir, Blaziken, Gothitelle, and countless other humanoid Pokemon. Hell, take a look at how many people apparently want to bang Pikachu. […]

10 Importance of IT Support Services for Businesses

Outsourcing IT services is at an all-time high among business organizations. For establishments to preserve their competitive edge, a comprehensive and elaborate technical support is very often necessary. These IT solutions are highly renowned for their abilities to streamline their core business operations, boost productivity and even enhance a company’s bottom line. As such, the […]

It Looks Like Sega Is Releasing A Dreamcast Mini

Sega’s Yosuke Okunari reveals that the company’s next mini console following the Genesis and the Game Gear could be the Dreamcast. Nostalgia is a big money spinner in the video game industry right now. It’s why remasters and remakes continue to come at gamers from every angle. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy. If a game or […]

Pre-Ordered Quest 2? One Of Its Best Games Is On Sale Today

Darn Superhot VR for making me write on a Saturday but this deal is too good to past up, especially if you pre-ordered a Quest 2. The slow-motion shooter, in which time moves only when you do, is 42% off on the Quest store for today only. That puts it at $14.99 for the next […]

Rocket League goes free as it leaves Steam, and Epic will give you $10 to play it

Rocket League, the multiplayer soccer game played with rocket-powered cars, took the world by storm over the last few years, complete with proper esports leagues and world championships. This week, it took yet another step toward total supremacy by going free to play on the Epic Games Store. Better yet, Epic will even give you […]

How I Cheesed It To The #1 Spot On The Quake 4 Leader Board

The Xbox 360 launch title, Quake 4 featured an achievement titled “Number One”, for reaching the #1 position on the worldwide ranked leaderboards. Yes, this game required players to literally become the top player in the world in order to get the full 1000 Gamerscore, or at least that’s what the developers intended. Many would expect that the […]