Cyberpunk 2077’s first major patch is here to hack away some bugs

It’s no secret at this point that Cyberpunk 2077 launched with a plethora of bugs and performance issues, some more obvious than others, leading Sony to go so far as to remove the game from the PlayStation Store and offer refunds. Now, the first of CD Projekt Red’s planned post-launch updates has been released on […]

CS:GO – Major mit Rekord-Preispool angekündigt!

Nach 2 Jahren wird PGL wieder zum Host eines CS:GO Majors. Im Herbst 2021 soll das Turnier mit einer historischen Preisgeldsumme von 2 Millionen US-Dollar in Stockholm abgehalten werden. Das PGL Major Stockholm 2021 wird den größten Preispool in der Geschichte von Counter-Strike: Global Offensive haben. Insgesamt soll eine Rekordsumme von 2 Millionen US-Dollar an […]

WoW Companion App Gets A Major New Update

The World of Warcraft Companion App for Android and iOS has gotten a major overhaul ahead of the release of the next expansion, Shadowlands. Originally released two years ago during the Battle for Azeroth launch, the Companion App has been a great tool to help players manage their missions while on the go. First created […]

Major Walmart Sale To Offer Black Friday-Type Deals Starting This Sunday

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, retailers have begun revealing promotions that will compete with the massive annual sale. Target’s Deal Days sale will run concurrently alongside Prime Day on October 13 and 14. Walmart’s approach is a tad different, as the big-box chain’s sale starts earlier and ends later than Prime Day. […]

September 2020: All The Major Game Releases For PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

We’re yet another month closer to the impending launch of Xbox Series X and PS5. While we eagerly await more details on both next-generation consoles, there’s still plenty of exciting games on the horizon for the month of September to fill up your time. You can expect big-budget games like Marvel’s Avengers, NBA 2K21, and […]

Cadence Of Hyrule's Majora's Mask DLC Pack Is Out Now

Cadence of Hyrule’s third DLC pack, Symphony of the Mask, is now live. This DLC introduces new story content starring Skull Kid, the antagonist from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. In Symphony of the Mask, players will need to guide Skull Kid through a brand-new map that features new songs, dungeons, and more. As […]

Save Big On Major PS4 Games Before This Sale Is Over

Sony has been closing out the PS4’s last big year with all kinds of sales, including the current one on major PS4 hits. This includes 2020 games such as The Last of Us Part II, Dreams, and Persona 5 Royal. The Essential Picks Sale is live now and runs through September 16. You also still […]

Blightbound Gets First Major Update Today

Three-person co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound gets its first major update today. The early access Steam title allows you to play a as a mage (healer), tank, or assassin as you barrel through dungeon after dungeon. Complete dungeons with the same players to unlock new levels of fame that allow you to take on much more difficult […]

August 2020: All The Major Game Releases For Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

With the impending launch of Xbox Series X and PS5 this holiday season and the surrounding buzz likely to dominate industry talk for the foreseeable future, August seems like a calm before the storm. Of course, there are still games coming out, both from AAA companies and smaller indie studios. You’ll even get to play […]

BoxVR Getting A Major Oculus Quest Upgrade To FitXR

BoxVR is getting a major overhaul on Oculus Quest this week, even branding the title with a new name, FitXR. Since its release on other headsets a few years back, BoxVR has provided a fun means of working out in VR, getting players to punch notes to the beat. That core gameplay remains in this […]