Guillermo del Toro Pitched Master Chief’s Evil Twin For Halo Movie

Fourteen years after it was first announced, the Halo movie has become something of a myth to franchise fans. Although Halo is still a money-making machine in terms of its success, the promised Halo movie never happened, with Microsoft, Fox, Universal, and a slew of big-name directors and producers throwing fists over almost every aspect […]

Get Exclusive Vampire: The Masquerade Merchandise In The New Halloween Store

The fans of Vampire: The Masquerade can get into the Halloween spirit with exclusive merchandise based on the franchise, through the new World of Darkness online store. There are a number of horror-themed tabletop RPGs, but Vampire: The Masquerade is one of the most famous. It’s part of the World of Darkness franchise, which is set in […]

Pokemon Isle Of Armor: All Master Dojo Upgrades And What They Do

The Isle of Armor is the setting of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion, but aside from the Master Dojo–where you’ll earn the new Legendary Pokemon Kubfu–the island lacks many of the facilities you’d find around mainland Galar, such as a Pokemon Center and an item shop. And while you can’t build a Pokemon Center […]

League of Legends European Masters cooks up Nissin partnership

Riot Games’ League of Legends European Masters competition has added instant ramen brand Nissin as its official convenience food and instant noodles partner. The Japanese brand is the latest announced sponsor for the Spring 2020 season of the regional tournament, which is currently holding group stage matches. RELATED: European Masters finds springtime partners in AFFLELOU […]

Crunchyroll Games Launches Mass For The Dead, A Dark RPG Based On The Overlord Anime

Crunchyroll Games has just launched Mass for the Dead – an Isekai dark fantasy mobile RPG based on the popular anime Overlord. This is the first mobile game to be based on the series. Okay so, the game has actually been around for a while already – albeit in Japan only -having been released there early last year. Since then, the game has surpassed […]