Dead Island 2 May Finally Come Out On Next-Gen Consoles

Every few months, we all assume that Dead Island 2 has been abandoned and left to rot in development hell, and then, a new ray of hope appears! Such has been the pattern over the last six years since the project was first announced at E3 in 2014, but recently developer Dambuster Studios posted a […]

2020 census data may not be as anonymous as expected

It’s census time in the US once again and multiple ads are running on both online and offline media to encourage everyone selected for the census to respond. The constitutional goal of the census is to ensure that congressional districts are properly balanced, thereby ensuring adequate representation. The modern census has expanded beyond that simple […]

Halo Infinite May Be In Trouble (Due To COVID-19)

Halo Infinite has been set to be one of the first flagship titles on the upcoming Xbox Series X, though it appears the game’s development has been affected by the destructive novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty released a statement that acknowledged the challenges brought about by COVID-19. In the statement, Booty […]

Riot Games may be hosting a Valorant capture event for content creators this weekend

Since Valorant was revealed earlier this month, we’ve heard a ton of details about the gameplay elements and future plans. Riot Games is certainly not being shy about its game, as they’ve revealed multiple Agents, maps, and weapons. However, what hasn’t really been shown is actual gameplay from players other than the developers. There was […]

Source 2 Engine May Be Coming to CS:GO Very Soon

The Source 2 engine might finally be coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive very soon. Believe it or not, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is running on an engine that’s over 15 years old. The original Source engine came out with Half-Life 2, and while CS:GO uses a highly modified version of that engine, it’s still got the […]

Ziggurat Interactive May Bring Back a Bunch of Old, Forgotten Games

These days, it isn’t necessarily uncommon to see rereleases, remakes and remasters of older games. However, it’s a bit less common to see those of lesser-known oldies. Yet, publisher Ziggurat Interactive will be focused on this very niche, bringing back old IP’s in various formats, according to Apparently, this will include titles that go […]