Microsoft’s open source Dapr hits prime time to help developers embrace microservices

Microsoft today announced that its open source, platform-agnostic Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) is now production ready, with v1.0 available on GitHub 16 months after it was first pushed into community development as an alpha project. The past decade has been marked by a slow but steady shift from monolithic on-premises software to the cloud and […]

Microsoft’s Recent Net Earnings Were $15.5 Billion, Or "About Two Bethesdas"

The gaming community has doubts over Xbox Game Pass’ profitability, but Microsoft has reported an impressive $15.5 billion in net earnings over the past financial year. Simply put, that’s roughly worth twice the cost of the Bethesda purchase and then some. Brad Sams, the executive editor of BWW Media Group, reported on Microsoft’s impressive sales data […]

Microsoft’s Nudge service leverages AI to speed up completion of pull requests

Microsoft is using AI to accelerate pull requests — the feature that lets developers tell others about changes they’ve made to code — toward completion by reminding authors to engage with their overdue requests. That’s according to a new whitepaper published this week detailing Nudge, an end-to-end service that leverages models based on effort estimation […]

Relax, Microsoft’s Not Buying Sega (Or So It Says)

Earlier this week, Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media in what is the largest acquisition in gaming history. This meant that the makers of Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, now work for Microsoft. But don’t worry: Phil promised to be as hands-off as possible while everybody focuses on making great games. Considering how the Obsidian purchase went […]

Microsoft's cloud gaming service isn't finished until there's a Windows 10 app

On Monday, Microsoft announced more than 150 games that consumers will be able to play on its cloud gaming initiative (formerly known as Project xCloud) beginning September 15. But the cloud-gaming initiative omits one key feature: the ability to play on a PC. Microsoft began offering Project xCloud as a beta late last year, and […]

Microsoft’s xCloud will launch via Xbox Game Pass with over 150 games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play over 150 games via cloud gaming starting on Sept. 15. Launch titles for xCloud include Gears of War 5, Nier: Automata, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, and many more. Minecraft Dungeons is also getting fully optimized touch controls for mobile cloud gaming. Titles […]

Microsoft's Surface Duo Looks Like A DS, Plays Xbox Games

Microsoft’s new Surface Duo phone is coming in September, with some impressive features meant to compete with other high-end tech and some unique gaming functionality. The dual-screen device is foldable–a gimmick that you may remember from the Galaxy Fold. It’s coming in at a premium price too, starting at $1399. Due to the two-screen approach, […]

ProBeat: Microsoft’s AI supercomputer was the best of Build 2020

This week, Microsoft hosted a vastly different Build, its developers conference and biggest event of the year. Build 2020 had plenty of big news for businesses, developers, and business developers. There was unexpected news and expected news. Even Microsoft haters had plenty to discuss. Cloud and AI announcements abounded for good reason. But the highlight […]

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge is getting Vertical Tabs, Smart Copy, and Password Monitor

Microsoft today announced upcoming features for its Edge browser based on Google’s Chromium open source project, the same browser Google’s Chrome is based on. Consumer features like Vertical Tabs, Smart Copy, and Password Monitor are coming soon. Microsoft also shared a few updates for existing or already announced features like Collections, InPrivate mode, and Immersive […]