The Biden administration must re-evaluate Chinese 5G data security

The Biden administration faces no shortage of existential challenges when it takes power next week — COVID-19, the fragile domestic economy, damaged federal agencies, civil rights, and a nationwide insurrection are certainly the top five. But regardless of where it ranks in the top ten, America’s economic war against Chinese tech companies merits immediate attention, […]

Everything that You Must Know About LED Flood Lights

Businesses always try to increase their profitability by finding ways to minimize operational expenses. Cost-cutting is an important strategy for maximizing the revenues because savings on operational expenses will directly reflect on the profitability. Your first attention will be towards making savings on labor and inventory costs. However, there is always a limit on how […]

In Doom Eternal, you must go with the flow

Watching an expert play Doom Eternal is mesmerizing. I’ve taken to watching YouTube clips of Michael “shroud” Grzesiek playing the game. Everything he does looks effortless; with pinpoint accuracy he’s able to snipe off the heads of floating Maykr Drones to earn back health and ammo, all while keeping an eye on the other enemies […]