Why IT needs to lead the next phase of data science

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Most companies today have invested in data science to some degree. In the majority of cases, data science projects have tended to spring up team by team inside an organization, resulting in a disjointed approach that isn’t scalable or cost-efficient. […]

Cyberpunk 2077’s next big patch delayed due to CD Projekt hack

CD Projekt Red has been patching and hotfixing Cyberpunk 2077 since its tumultuous release in December, but the next big patch will come a little later than players had expected. The developer posted an update to the official twitter account for the game on Wednesday, writing that “the recent cyber attack on the studio’s IT […]

Next Hearthstone Expansion, Forged In The Barrens, Announced At BlizzConline

The latest Hearthstone expansion, Forged in the Barrens, has just been announced at BlizzCon 2021. There are new ranked spells, ten legendary mercenary minions, and a frenzy effect alongside a just-released cinematic trailer. Ranked spells, a new addition, level up when you reach five and ten mana crystals, while frenzy turns “even the docile plainstrider […]

Dota Gets A Netflix Anime Next Month

Are you ready to take mid lane with your favorite characters… in an anime series? Valve’s Dota is getting a Netflix series starting on March 25! We’re excited to announce a brand-new anime series exploring the Dota universe like never before. As fellow fans of Dota and its passionate global community, we look forward to sharing […]

Unreal Engine’s next job: NPC creation in a fraction of the time

Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine that has powered two decades’ worth of triple-A video games, on Wednesday announced another leading-edge development tool: MetaHuman Creator, an application that can create distinctive and lifelike human characters for video games in a fraction of the time it currently takes. “One of the most arduous tasks in […]

Fortnite: next DC comics skin is Flash says dataminer

Epic Games is apparently adding the Flash as its next DC skin, with a dataminer claiming it’s a reward for another Fortnite Cup. Fortnite’s Marvel themed Season 4 almost made it easy to forget that the game’s also a stomping ground for some of DC’s most famous comic book characters. The likes of Batman, Harley […]

The Medium review – next gen horror

The first major Xbox Series X exclusive is finally out, featuring a special split-screen display that’s only possible on next gen. As much as Microsoft’s plan for the Xbox Series X/S seems to go against all previously accepted norms it does seem to be working. The new consoles enjoyed the best launch ever for Xbox […]

Why These Should Be The Next New Pokemon Types

Currently, we are on the eighth generation of Pokemon. After its release in 1996, the Pokemon fanbase has only grown, and we’ve experienced seven new generations since its beginning. In the original games, we started off with 15 Pokemon types: normal, fire, water, grass, electric, ice, fighting, poison, ground, flying, psychic, bug, rock, ghost, and […]

Arcade1Up’s Next Cabinets Include Killer Instinct, X-Men, And Dragon’s Lair

The ever-popular Arcade1Up brand of reproduction cabinets is getting a slew of nostalgic games soon. Announced today by the company, three cabinets based on Killer Instinct, X-Men, and Dragon’s Lair will soon be hitting store shelves. Modeled after the original cabinets they were based on, the X-Men machine even has a four-player layout for most […]