Psychonauts 2 Store Page Now Live On Xbox With New Screenshots

It’s been a really long time coming for Psychonauts 2, with developer Double Fine having delayed the game multiple times since 2017. But now we can say with confidence that the sequel to 2005’s hit adventure platformer is landing this year. More good news comes in the form of the game’s Microsoft Store page going live yesterday. With […]

May 2021 PlayStation Now Lineup Includes Nioh, Jump Force, And Streets Of Rage 4

PlayStation Now is continuing to impress as the service will include Nioh, Jump Force, and Streets of Rage 4 this month. That’s definitely going Plus Ultra! Jump Force First up is Jump Force, a crossover arena fighter starring the characters of Shonen Jump. In this game, Dragon Ball’s Goku and Vegeta can duke it out […]

It’s now or never: Society must respond to the ransomware crisis

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. Companies in the hyper-competitive technology industry rarely work together, making their collaboration on a framework to combat ransomware noteworthy. Representatives from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services teamed up with security vendors, insurance providers, non-profits, think tanks, and government […]

You Can Now Play As KH1 Sora In Kingdom Hearts 3 Via A Mod

Sora’s classic look (including his big yellow clown shoes) is back through a recent Kingdom Hearts 3 mod on Nexus. Created by Sirtophatsnake, this mod lets players play as Sora’s younger self through the entirety of Kingdom Hearts 3. It also includes his voice lines from the original Kingdom Hearts, but that’s available separately if […]

Oculus Quest 2 Now Has A Higher Quality Hand Tracking Mode

Oculus Quest 2 developers can now enable a new ‘High Frequency Hand Tracking’ mode in their apps, increasing the tracking rate from 30 Hz to 60 Hz. Facebook claims the mode increases hand tracking quality, as well as reducing its end-to-end latency by 10%. Its internal ‘Strike Team’ enabled the new mode in the Tiny […]

The Nintendo Switch Is Now The Sixth Best Selling Console In Japan

It’s been a wild journey for the Nintendo Switch. Since releasing in March 2017, it managed to wash the bad taste of the Wii U out of everyone’s mouth, and innovate on the Wii’s game changing motion sensing gameplay. Equally however, it’s been messy. That dreaded joy-con drift just won’t go away, and Nintendo has […]

Mario Kart 8 Is Now The Best Selling Racing Game Of All Time In The US

New sales data reported on by the NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella shows that Mario Kart 8 has become the best-selling racing game in the US. Piscatella announced the achievement through Twitter, where he was reporting on March’s sales data. In the Tweet, he says that Mario Kart 8 placed 6th on the best-sellers chart for the […]