Oculus App Lab Livestream: Second Wave Of Releases Live!

Oculus App Lab has now been available for a few weeks and yet more VR games and apps have launched on the platform. So what’s new? Join us today at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT to find out! App Lab is Facebook’s new way of letting developers release content on Quest without passing Store requirements or sideloading. […]

Oculus App Lab Livestream: Next Quest Games Live!

What’s Facebook’s new Quest distribution platform all about? Find out as we dive into our Oculus App Lab livestream today at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT! Launched yesterday, App Lab is a sort of halfway house between the official Oculus Store and sideloading content onto your headset. It allows developers to distribute and even sell experimental or […]

Oculus Unveils App Lab, Quest’s New Software Portal

After announcing how well developers are doing on Oculus Quest today, the company is now rolling out its long-awaited distribution feature so creators have an easier path onto the headset. Its called App Lab, part of Oculus’ v25 update for Oculus Quest being rolled out today. Previously, if a developer couldn’t get on the tightly […]

Oculus Quest vs PSVR: What’s The Difference, Which One To Buy

For newcomers to VR, there are two headsets that you’re most likely to have heard about — Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR. There’s no doubt that Quest 2 and PSVR are the most mainstream and recognizable headsets for those with just a passing interest or limited knowledge of VR. However, it can be hard to […]

Doom 3 Runs On Oculus Quest And Quest 2 With Doom3Quest

Simon Brown and his enthusiastic partners at Team Beef have done what Facebook, Oculus and Zenimax-owned Id Software could not. Doom 3 now runs on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. The landmark shooter made by Id originally released in 2004 arrives in standalone VR in 2021, essentially marking the realization of a promise made […]

Snow Drift Oculus Quest: VR Survival Game Still On

Snow Drift, one of Oculus Quest’s most mysterious games may see the light of day this year. We’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of Snow Drift in the past two years. Developed by Pool Nation VR studio Perilous Orbit, small cuts of gameplay were shown in a Quest sizzle reel at Oculus Connect in 2019 […]

Oculus Quest Games 2021: Every Title Coming This Year

Here’s our full list of new Oculus Quest games 2021 to look forward to this year! Hot off the heels of the Quest 2 launch, there’s a lot of new Oculus Quest games to look forward to in 2021. Last week we rounded up every new title coming to all headsets this year. But we […]

Co-Op Adventure Carly and the Reaperman Coming to Oculus Quest in 2021

There’s no doubt that Resolution Games is a prolific creator of virtual reality (VR) titles, in the last two months alone it launched Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale and Blaston. Now, the studio has announced a partnership with Odd Raven Studios to bring Carly and the Reaperman to Oculus Quest. First released back in 2018 for […]

It’s Now Easy to Cast Oculus Quest Content to PC

When Oculus Quest casting first arrived it wasn’t the smoothest thing to set up but over time that process has steadily improved, so non-VR players can view content on a compatible TV or smartphone. Now Oculus has brought the casting function to PC, simply using a web browser. The actual process is really easy to […]