Sea Of Thieves: How To Get Free Ancient Coins From Ancient Skeletons

If there’s one thing you should expect to be able to do as a pirate in a game like Sea Of Thieves its to plunder and steal all the coins you can carry. But, as a game as a service title, the developers have included various types of currencies into the game, the most valuable of them […]

Sea Of Thieves Season One Kicks Off This Week

Rare announced seasonal progression was coming to Sea of Thieves during a big December update, and now we’re on the cusp of it kicking off. Season One sets sail on January 28, and for the next three months, players can engage in new activities to earn exclusive rewards, both free and paid. Rare also released a helpful primer video detailing exactly […]

Fan-Made The Legend Of Zelda Sets To Be Officially Reviewed By Lego

Lego Ideas is an ingenious program where block-building enthusiasts can submit their ideas to the community. The database is swimming with fan-made designs, and one creator had the notion to bring The Legend of Zelda series to the crafty world of Lego. The Danish toy company has managed to carve a place for its brand […]

New Wave Of Pokemon Funko Pops Include Meowth, Psyduck, And More

Pokemon fans are currently managing their energy levels ahead of this year’s promise of exciting announcements. The popular video game, manga, anime, and trading card franchise has hit its 25th anniversary, and Funko are joining in on the celebrations by adding two new generation one Pokemon and two new variants of past releases to the […]

Call of Duty League fans reacts to no snipers in Search and Destroy

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic took place over the weekend but one key element was missing from the matches. As soon as the first match began, fans immediately noticed that sniper rifles were not used by players. This included Search and Destroy, where snipers are most prevalent and make for exciting moments and […]

Ghost Of Tsushima Is The Best Average Game I Have Ever Played

The evolution of open world game design is, itself, open world game design’s greatest impediment. While the exponential growth of technology allows for the construction of worlds on an increasingly large scale, rendered with greater realism, modern design has become as imposing as it is inviting – Ghost of Tsushima, more so than any game […]

6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Municipal Liability Lawyer

Getting seriously injured is always a traumatic experience. It can be even worse if it occurs due to someone else’s negligence. Going through this experience isn’t necessarily the only consequence. You may also have to undergo treatment and therapy, and it is likely that you will be prevented from working, and therefore, face financial challenges. […]

8 Pros and Cons of Bad Credit Car Dealers

Purchasing a new vehicle is a challenging process if you struggle to organize your budget. Living without a car in today’s world is almost impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the vehicle at any cost. You need to find the best possible solution to the problem that you have. Not having money is […]