Don’t Sleep On Observer: Redux

Released in August of 2017, Observer was easily overshadowed by the likes of video game powerhouses from Breath of the Wild to Horizon Zero Dawn. With the start of a whole new console generation, however, Observer has been given renewed life via a special extra-content edition, called System Redux. For those who may have missed it the first […]

Apex Legends Turns on Double XP After New Battle Pass Bug

Apex Legends players will earn double XP towards their season 7 battle pass until next week’s patch, developer Respawn announced yesterday. This change comes after some players reported losing battle pass progress in a recent update. Respawn came under fire for the game’s season 7 battle pass, which many players felt was too “grindy.” Apex […]

32 No Man’s Sky Players Met On A Single Planet

The universe just got a bit more crowded, as No Man’s Sky on next-gen consoles lets up to 32 players band together to explore the vast beyond. One Twitter user marked the occasion by bringing several dozen of their friends together – showing just how insane things can get when you pack all those people […]

Xbox Live goes down on Xbox Series X launch day

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched Tuesday and … welp, a general outage on Xbox Live this afternoon left many with the new console unable to play its games. Microsoft’s support team acknowledged the outage beginning at 1:01 p.m ET. and said they were working on it. With users unable to log into […]

Superliminal Launches On Steam With Developer Commentary And Challenge Modes

Pillow Castle Games’ perception-testing, perspective-skewing, reality-bending, first-person puzzler Superliminal recently launched on Steam, and has already firmly established itself in the platform’s Very Positive review section. The game’s Steam launch was accompanied by an update that brought new features, added support for Mac and Linux, as well as new Developer Commentary and Challenge Modes. As […]

Silent Hills P.T. Was On PS5 Before It Was Quickly Removed

When Konami canceled Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills P.T., horror fans were crushed. With the future of the horror franchise, as a whole, unclear, the unfinished experience remains a beloved treasure kept alive by many fan recreations and mods. With the new generation of systems upon us, many media with a PS5 system have reported that P.T. […]

Days Gone on PS5 is 4K and 60fps with PS4 save transfers

Sony has revealed how PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone will be improved on the PlayStation 5, including faster load times. Open world zombie game Days Gone will run at ‘up to’ 60fps at a dynamic 4K resolution, according to Sony – as they try to prove that their backwards compatible plans are not so far […]

Bethesda's Todd Howard On Freedom And New Opportunities With Microsoft Acquisition

When Microsoft acquired Zenimax for a cool $7.5 billion, that move also gained the company Bethesda and all of its IPs, including the upcoming Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. While this sparked exclusivity concerns, this move gives the company even more resources for the future, and with a new engine overhaul confirmed, director Todd […]

Celeste Is Finally On Sale For $7.99, As Well As Over 800 Other Games

Heart-warming indie platformer Celeste has been charming players everywhere for two years, and now can do so for cheaper than ever before. For the first time since its release in early 2018, Celeste is on sale, joining a whopping 800 other titles currently on sale according to this list on Resetera. A very useful soul out there […]