Opinion: Why We Must Open the Doors for Young Women to Participate in Esports

In this opinion piece, CSL Esports Marketing and Social Media Manager Haleigh Durkin talks about the ongoing challenges of making esports more welcoming and safe for women and girls and what we can do about it as an industry. Have you grown into someone your younger self would have respected? The question lingers in my […]

Magic: Legends Addresses Open Beta Launch Issues

Magic: Legends graced a Game Informer cover a bit ago, a game where Diablo-style gameplay and the Magic: The Gathering universe intersect. Since Magic: Legends went into a state of open beta last week on PC, everything from what’s available in the cash shop to technical glitches have been scrutinized as players begin working on […]

Mech Combat Evolved’s Open Beta For ALAHAD 3093 Starts This Weekend

The newest multiplayer game GALAHAD 3093 is getting ready for its first open beta test this week. Developer Simutronics made the announcement that its mech hero shooter will be made available this weekend on PC via Steam. Taking inspiration from Arthurian legend, GALAHAD 3093 takes place in the future where knights control mechs called Lances and […]

Why Yakuza 0 Has The Best Opening Theme Of All Time

Duh-dun-dun – whackawhew! That’s my acapella rendition of the first four notes of the Yakuza 0 opening theme, AKA the best intro track for any video game ever. Believe me, I pay an outrageous amount of attention to this sort of thing – Persona 5’s Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There comes remarkably close […]

Washington Justice to Open New Team Facility in Downtown D.C.

The Washington Justice of the Overwatch League today will announce the official opening of its new team facility in downtown D.C., SBJ’s Adam Stern reports, as owner Mark Ein checks off another box on his long-term to-do list for the franchise. Ein declined to disclose to SBJ/TEO how much he invested in the facility, but […]

Yugabyte raises $48M for open source SQL database alternative

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Yugabyte, provider of an open source SQL database based on a document database architecture, today announced it has garnered an additional $48 million funding. The funding will be employed to advance the development and adoption of a database that is […]

Open World Pokemon Is Weird And Scary To Me

I have adored Pokemon since the anime series first debuted on UK TV. I jumped in after about eight episodes had aired, and it became a part of my daily ritual before heading to school for years. I was crazy about Pokemon, to the point where I basically only played the Pokemon games, the anime […]

Microsoft’s open source Dapr hits prime time to help developers embrace microservices

Microsoft today announced that its open source, platform-agnostic Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) is now production ready, with v1.0 available on GitHub 16 months after it was first pushed into community development as an alpha project. The past decade has been marked by a slow but steady shift from monolithic on-premises software to the cloud and […]

Biomutant’s Open World A Lot Like Breath Of The Wild, According To Dev

We’re finally getting some news on Biomutant, THQ Nordic’s big upcoming open-world game where your furry character can mutate in a number of different ways. First, we found out that developer Experiment 101 kept quiet for so long because they were trying to avoid crunching towards the game’s eventual finish. And second, we got a […]