Pokemon Go Player In The UK Fined For Breaching Lockdown Rules

A Pokemon Go player in the UK has been fined £200 for traveling 14 miles outside of his hometown to play the game. When the pandemic took hold almost a year ago, it posed a pretty major threat to the continued success of Pokemon Go. A mobile game that was created to be played outside […]

Star DPS player ANS retires from Overwatch League – Daily Esports

Unexpectedly, San Francisco Shock DPS player Seonchang “ANS” Lee has retired from competitive Overwatch, citing mental and physical condition issues. Despite being in the running for rookie of the year last season, it appears that factors off the stage have led Ans to retire. This wouldn’t be his first retirement from competitive play, but the circumstances […]

The best LCS player at each position heading into the 2021 season

Introducing the LCS All-Preseason roster. The LCS is seeing more talent flood through its gates ahead of the 2021 season than at any prior point in its history. Heading into the newest season of North American League of Legends, there’s a steady stream of contenders coming to the LCS, ready to challenge the proven superstars […]

Low Player Count Is Hurting Dreams, Says Kotaku

Looks like people are “waking up” as the number of players logging on to PS4 hit Dreams is declining. According to a report conducted on Kotaku, this decline in player activity is beginning to take its toll on the puzzle and developing game. With Dreams being such a success at release, what could be causing such a […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Player Discovers An Unfinished Section Of Night City

Add it to the growing list issues – one Cyberpunk 2077 player has found a portion of Night City that’s unfinished. Walking into it sends them plummeting to the bottom of the map, before meeting an untimely demise. The brief clips highlights exactly where in Night City they found the issue – which looks to be […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Player Uses Police Spawns To Open Locked Doors

It’s no secret that the police spawning system in Cyberpunk 2077 is totally busted. It doesn’t make any sense for a game that tries to be as gritty and “real” as Cyberpunk for NCPD officers to start appearing out of thin air whenever V accidentally pops one off on a random civvy, but at least […]